Derek Hough Net Worth: How Much does the Dancer Makes?

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What is Derek Hough’s net worth? Derek Hough is an experienced, skilled, and very professional dancer with several awards under his hat. He won six “Dancing with the Stars” and met several gorgeous partners throughout his participation in all the shows. But, he appeared first into the show in 2007, in the fourth season. From the next seasons, he was lucky to get a celebrity by his side. Actress Jennie Garth was his partner, and they went on to win the fourth position in the show. After that, he chose season six, where he won the sixth position. Also, he was with actress Shannon Elizabeth, another great dancer.

The next season was a success, and he, for the first time, accomplished the first position with Brooke Burke. The winning list never stopped here. He was paired with celebs every time he joined the show and went on winning either a Top 5 position or the first position. As a result, he started getting recognition, and people came to know that there is a talented American dancer. Also, they didn’t regret following him ever as he has that talent, and he was not faking anything regarding his dance.

Derek Hough is not stopping anywhere as he went on live performances with his sister throughout the country. In 2014, he and his sister rolled around 40 cities across the USA and Canada. Furthermore, they also went on live performances for fitness events throughout LA.

Derek Hough Net Worth

Derek Hough has a net worth of $8 million, and most of the income generates from his dance. He is so prominent a dancer that he won a dance series six times and the dance show, ‘Dancing with the stars’ was one of the most popular ones. Also, he got nominated for one of the most prestigious awards in the entertainment industry that is Emmy Award. He was selected for the best choreography. Moreover, he won two Emmy as the best choreographer. Derek Hough has contributed as an actor too and worked on some film projects like West End Premier of “Footloose: The Musical” and ABC musical drama “Nashville”. Also, people loved his role, and he got a lot of love and support as if he is the god of dancing. Further, Derek has a trio with his sisters also that released some music tracks too.

Derek Hough Net Worth
Derek Hough

Talking about his choreography, he choreographed a duo for the winter Olympics 2014. The duo, Meryl Davis and Charlie White, went on winning their part. Also, they were the first Americans to win a gold medal. He is extremely successful in his realm and also has a good fanbase on social media. 3million follower is a huge figure, and Derek Hough owns this figure on his Instagram ID.

Derek Hough is dancing for years, and his family members are also into dancing, so he practiced a lot in his field of interest. Therefore, his success from his passion for dancing is reaching heights. Also, $8 million is a huge amount, but it is still less for him.

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About the dancer’s Life

Derek Hough came into existence on 17th May 1985 in Salt Lake City. He hails from Utah, and he is a citizen of America. He bagged on prestigious awards like the Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Choreography, awards from Dancing with the stars, and, lastly, World of Dance. The dancer completed his studies at Italia Conti Academy of Theatre Arts with his sisters. All his brilliant sisters are Julianne Hough, Katherine Hough, Marabeth Hough, and Sharee Hough. Furthermore, his parents are Mariann Hough and Bruce Robert Hough. Everyone in his family is a dancer, be it grandparents or his sisters.

Derek Hough Net Worth
Derek Hough

If we have a look at his singing interest, then he went on to participate in competitions throughout the UK and USA. He made a pop trio with his sisters, and the competitions included singing and dancing. So, these were some of the earliest opportunities for them.

In 2015, he was blessed with a relationship with a gorgeous lady. The lady was his partner in “Dancing with the Stars,” and they fell for each other during their journey in the show. She is Hayley Erbert, and they are happily living together in Los Angeles.

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