Demi Moore Dating History: Who The Actress Has Dated All These Years!

Demi Moore Dating History

After the release of her memoir, the love life of Demi Moore is yet again in the spotlight. So this article focuses on Who is Demi Moore dating and her dating history. In a book, called Corporate Animals, Demi has discussed her romantic timeline. Moreover, her marriage with both Bruce Willis and Ashton Kutcher has been well-explained. In the book, Demi even claimed there was an uncertain atmosphere right after the birth of Rumer who is their eldest daughter. She further expresses that Bruce is not the type of man who would bail on his family. It was during the time of Hudson Hawk that Demi knew her husband did screw around.

While the situation between Demi and Kutcher was more like a redo situation. It was a phase where she realized it was much more lively when they were young. All she wanted to do is make a re-start all their relationship. It was more fun in their twenties, young and wild with the urge to make new memories. She is an actress who played her role in Margin Call. Moreover, she even faced a miscarriage when Demi and Kutcher were in a relationship.

Demi’s Personal Life

Demi Moore or Demi Gene Moore is an American film producer as well as an actress. A native of Rosewell, a place in Mexico who was born in the year 1962 of March 11. His father, Charles Harmon was an airman in Air Force. His father left Demi’s mother, Virginia before she was seven months pregnant with Demi. After Demi turned three, Virginia was married to Dan Guynes. Also, Dan at that time was a salesman at one of the advertising companies who had to frequently change his jobs.

Later on, they had Morgan who was the half-brother of Demi. Soon in the year 1980, the stepfather of Demi passed away due to suicide. It was two years after Demi’s mother and Dan had separated also he was only 37 when he died. Demi completed her schooling at Fairfax High School. Demi even reported being raped. It was the time when she was just 15 years in age and the person had paid $500 to her mother.

Demi Moore Dating History
Demi confesses about being raped at the age of 15

Demi Moore Dating History

Freddy Moore

Demi first got into marriage in the year 1980 up till 1985. This was with a rock musician known as Freddy Moore. However, this marriage ended since their relationship was not on good terms. Freddy said that there was a drastic change in the behavior of Demi after they got married. Despite their separation, the American actress still keeps Freddy’s last name.

Emilio Estevez

It was at the sets of St. Elmo’s Fire that both Demi and Emilio met. Later on, both of them started seeing each other and ended up in a relationship. Their relation was sometimes on and off for a period of two years. The couple was even reported to be engaged. But eventually, they never got married.

Dweezil Zappa

Demi had a very brief period of being in a relationship with Dweezil. She started seeing the rock star in the year 1987.

Bruce Willis

Bruce and Demi were married to each other for about 12 long years. It was in the year 2000 that the couple separated their ways. They were parents to their three daughters who were named as Rumer, Scout, as well as Tallulah. The pair are reported to still be friends even after they got separated.

Demi Moore Dating History
Demi Moor and Bruce Willis

Oliver Whitcomb

Oliver was a martial arts instructor. It was after Demi and Bruce’s separation that Demi started to see Oliver romantically. Before moving on a separate path, they were in a relationship for almost three years.

Ashton Kutcher

For Demi, Ashton was a major help in her move on in the year 2003. They met through some mutual friends and they got married in the year 2005 up till 2013. They were on a separate path right from the year 2011. It was after 2 years that they finally got divorced.

Sean Friday

The New Year of 2014 was a new beginning for romance in Demi’s life. Sean and Demi were reported to be in Tulum, a place in Mexico, in January for the year 2014 for a vacation. This drummer was seen to be hanging out with Demi for a couple of months and then dated for a while. But eventually, the romance between them got fuzzy due to unknown reasons.

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