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Deep Water Ending Scene Explained: Does Vic Actually Kill Martin?

Deep Water Ending Explained
Deep Water Ending Explained

Deep Water was released on 18 March 2022 on Hulu. The movie is based on a novel named Deep Water, which was written by Patricia Highsmith in the year 1957. This typical erotic psychological thriller movie is based on the life of a couple who lost the excitement and happiness in their relationship. Losing the excitement after marriage is a common thing, but the film has featured this in a very different way. The whole movie is based on the concept of jealousy and how it can make a person go beyond his limit. You will also get to see their retreat in the end. If you somehow did not see the ending or the ending scene flew above your head, then you are in the right place. Continue your reading to know the ending scene of Deep Water along with its summary.

Before that, let us name some people who were involved in making Deep Water. Adrian Lyne is the director of Deep Water. Arnon Milcahn, along with Steven Zaillian Garrett Basch, Guymon Casady, Ben Forkner, and Anthony Katagas, has produced Deep Water under the production banner of 20th Century Studios Regency Enterprises, New Regency, Entertainment One. 

Summary of Deep Water

The film starts with a small family that constitutes Trixxie, Melinda, and Vic. Trixie is the one and only child of Melinda and Vic. The movie started when Melinda asked Vic to choose a dress for her for the party.

At the party, Melinda meets a man named Don Wilson. Vic felt jealous of him when they hugged each other. After excusing Vic, they went to a corner and kissed each other. Vic was watching all this, but he pretended like he did not give a damn about this thing. However, when Melinda was with her other friends, he threatened Don not to contact Melinda otherwise, he would have to pay his life for this deed just like Martin has done. He told Don that he had killed Martin, who had affairs with her wife. Don got scared and went away from the party.

Don Affair with Melinda in Deep Water

Melinda did not understand all this but was very upset with Vic as she was thinking Vic had said something unkind to him. After a day, somehow Melinda got to know that Don was being threatened by Vic. She got upset and went to Vic and told him that she has invited Don for dinner on Friday, so he better apologize for his misbehavior.

Don arrived for dinner. All three of them were talking in a room. Suddenly Melinda asked Vic if he could say bedtime stories to Terrie. He could not say no and went into Terrie’s room. When Terrie got slept, he visited the first room again but what he found was that Melinda and Don were going intimate with each other. Melinda did not hesitate on seeing Vic rather, she said that she has to sleep.

Vic met Don and once again intimidated him that whatever he told him about MARTIN was one hundred percent right. On listening to this, Don got extremely scared and ran to save his life.

The next day, they went to a party, where Vic was trying to make Melinda jealous by dancing with Kelly. The plan was successful, and Melinda did get jealous, and while in their car, she asked a lot of questions for him. The night was pretty good for them. 

Melinda’s Affair with Charlie in Deep Water

When Vic was in his office, he got a message from his bank that his wife had used $3,000. On asking, Melinda told him that she had used the money to join a piano class. Vic then visited the piano class, where he saw that Melinda and Charlie were closer than ever. 

The other day they visited a party where Charlie was already present. Everyone was enjoying the pool except for Vic, who was getting jealous of him. There came the rain, and everyone went inside the home, leaving Vic and Charlie at the pool area. There Vic Killed Charlie and burned his hand. Everyone started shouting on seeing the dead body of Charlie in the pool. Melinda was crying the most. She was repeating that Vic can be the only one who could have killed Charlie. At that time, Vic was not present there. 

A scene where Melinda is playing Piano

A scene where Melinda is playing Piano

Detective and police arrived at the spot. They investigated each person, mostly Vic. But Vic showed his burned hand and said he was making cookies in the kitchen. They returned home, but Melinda was sure that Vic had killed Charlie. On the other hand, Kelly’s husband was telling everyone that Vic had killed Charlie because he had some problem with Charlie and Melinda’s relationship.

On hearing the news that Kelly’s husband was boasting everywhere and making him prominent in the murder case of Charlie, he invited them (Kelly and her husband) to dinner. After dinner, he took Kelly’s husband to a room where he said to Kelly’s husband that he had not killed Charlie, so he better stay silent.

Melinda’s Affair with Tony in Deep Water

Vic was unaware that Melinda had hired a detective to investigate for him. Vic caught the man one day, but he was with Melinda in a coffee shop. Going a little closer to where they sat, he found out that the man was none other than Kelly’s husband. He called Kelly and told her everything about her husband. Kelly asked her husband where he confessed that he was given money to do this role because Melinda thought Vic had killed Charlie.

A scene from Deep Water

A scene from Deep Water

When Vic returned, he found Melinda was romancing with another person. But this time the person was her ex-boyfriend Tony. And again, Vic pretended that he did not care, but he cared and could not see his wife with another person. The very next day, he phoned Tony and asked him to come to a pool. Tony visited there, and instantly Vic threw a hard stone on his head. Tony was standing beside the mountain. He fell from there and lost his life. Vic kept some stone over his dead body and sank that into the river.

He returned home, and at night he gifted his wife Melinda photographs of their marriage. On looking at all those photos, she was sure that nobody could ever love her as much as Vic does. She was delighted with the gift and decided she can only spend her life with Vic. 

In a scene, Melinda was so fed up that she wanted to break the marriage. He gave a suitcase to Trixie and said she must get ready to leave this place. But what Trixie did was she threw the suitcase in the water pool and said they are not going anywhere.

The Ending Scene of Deep Water

The next morning, Melinda asked Vic to take them to the pool for a picnic. At first, Vic hesitated because it is the same place where he killed Tony. But soon got ready to take her to the pool. Terrie was also with them. 

At the time when they were enjoying themselves, he saw that the dead body of Tony did not completely sink and was on the surface of the water. But he could not do anything at that time, so he returned home with his family. He left home early in the morning for the pool on his bicycle. He put some more stone on Tony’s body, and this time he successfully sank the dead body. 

Meanwhile, Don returned from Mexico, and he saw everything that Vic had done for Tony. He threatened that he would tell all this to the police and Melinda. Don was in his car, and on the way, he was typing a message for Melinda making her aware that Vic had killed Tony. But at the same time, he met with an accident which took his life away.

In the end, Melinda saw Martin’s identity card in Vic’s pocket, which indicated that Vic had killed Martin. But it did not shock her; rather, she was very happy that Vic has did all this only for her. She threw the card on fire. Vic returned home, and they both confessed their love for each other. The movie ended here. 

Cast and Characters of Deep Water

The important cast and characters of Deep Water are as given. Ben Affleck played Vic Van Allen, Ana de Armas played Melinda Van Allen, Tracy Letts played Don Wilson, Lil Rel Howery as Grant, Jacob Elordi played Charlie De Lisle, Finn Wittrock played Tony Cameron, and many others.

You can watch the Deep Water on Hulu and Amazon Prime Video.

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