Deception Season 2: Release Date Or Cancelled?

Deception Season 2

Deception season 1 did fairly good, and now fans all around have one question, What is Deception Season 2 release date or is the show canceled? Well to start fans don’t have much good news here. ABC is canceling the midseason drama Deception, causing much stir on the internet, even a petition is running around to keep the show alive, but boardroom meetings with corporate suits and the absolutism of ratings being as they are, ABC, the network behind the show decided to drop the sword and cancel it.

Although the series premiered in the month of March on Sunday primetime right after American Idol, Deception drew quite the viewers, but not enough to keep them hooked and with competitive shows playing in rival networks, ABC decided to cancel the whole thing after the series tanked to the lowest ratings possible. For a crowd of 16 million, getting 600.000 and an average of 3.6 million viewers per episode is enough for the suits at ABC to consider pulling the plug.

Deception What is it about?

A superstar magician has his career ruined by a scandal, and he turns to the FBI to get a job using every trick he knows as a Fed-profiler to help the government catch the bad guys. The plot had an amazing approval rating on the Internet Movie Database with 74% approval and 42.000 likes on their official Facebook page, but the loyalty of the fans is just not enough to keep the show running.

Deception Season

Deception Season 2

Fans are filing a petition for the show at which is very explanatory. The show had a fan base, and people did watch it, but not enough for the measurements used in traditional television to be considered sufficient. We don’t know if the petition at will have any traction or some daring producer at prominent streaming sites like Netflix or Hulu will have the guts to pick up the pieces and continue. These things are difficult because of contracts with the cast, production issues, royalties and the likes, but what we do see after the cancellation of this drama is pun intended the drama behind it that has hit all over social media, for twitter, facebook and Reddit are all talking about ABC’s executive decision to kill a failing show.

Sorry to tell you guys but sometimes showbiz is exactly that, a business in which many participants take a stake, and as stakeholders, they have to decide whatever is best for the company. Even if those facts include disappointing some fans along the way with everything, don’t get me wrong, the show has its appeal, but when it comes down to pure, nitty-gritty business, it wasn’t enough.


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