Debris Season 2: Will it be Renewed or Cancelled?

Debris Season 2 Release Date: Will it be Renewed or Cancelled?
Debris Season 2

Debris, created by J.H. Wyman, is a science fiction TV series that airs on NBC. The show is primarily based on a fictional event that occurs in the show. A spaceship’s debris has been falling over the Earth for the past six months. And it has been noticed that whenever people come in contact with the said debris, something bizarre occurs. So, to investigate this, an international task force is formed so they can learn much more about the falling debris. So, to track them down, new partners, CIA operative Bryan Beneventi and MI6 operative Finola Jones are given the assignment. But during the course of time, Bryan and Finola realize that they aren’t the only ones after the debris. Now that Season 1 of the show has come to an end let’s look at Debris Season 2 Release date and renewal prospects.

During the first season, we also learn how Finola’s presumed dead father was actually alive. In fact, he has even joined the task force to help them investigate. The second season is more likely to go deeper into the mystery surrounding the debris. They have deadly effects on human beings and could pose a threat to the universe if they fall into the wrong hands. We may also learn much more about the spaceship from which the debris has been originating. We could even learn about the celestial body and its past. Moreover, next season may become more politically based. Individual countries may start to see the effects of the debris in their close proximity. We should probably witness all of this plus much more in Debris Season 2.

Debris Season 2 Release Date

Debris Season 2 is set to be released somewhere along mid-2022 to late 2022. Season 1 was announced back in January 2020 that had begun the filming for the pilot episode. But soon after, the COVID-19 Pandemic led to the shutdowns of production houses all around the world. Later, the filming resumed on 2nd November 2020, all the way through 9th April 2021. Debris Season 1 premiered on 1st March 2021 and aired 13 episodes up till the season finale on 24th May 2021. As of now, NBC is yet to officially renew the series for a second season, nevertheless it has not been canceled.

The truth is that the show has been having mediocre ratings on NBC. Even on IMDb, the show has only able to get a rating of 6.6 from the weighted average of votes from 5290 IMDb users. But that’s not all to consider as Debris has also been aired in France and Japan. The exclusive distribution rights for the same were given to TF1 and U-Next. So, it will be very crucial for NBC to look into world viewing figures before they make a decision regarding the show’s renewal status.

Debris Season 2 Release Date: Will it be Renewed or Cancelled?
Bryan Beneventi

Debris has still hasn’t been renewed, yet J.H. Wyman expects it to happen soon. He was optimistic enough that Debris Season 1 was only an introduction to the story and not a closing chapter. Whereas he still has 5 additional installments planned for the series. So, if NBC does renew the show, filming might begins soon enough, We may get concrete information about the show’s renewal status sometime in June 2021. And if filming begins in Fall 2021, we should be able to watch Debris Season 2 as early as March 2022.

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Who will be in the Cast?

Debris Season 2 Release Date: Will it be Renewed or Cancelled?
Still from Debris Season 1

While the show hasn’t been renewed, there has been no official cast announcement. Nevertheless, none of the cast members that were present at the end of the season have declared their absence from the forthcoming season. Therefore, if the show sticks to its premise, we should see the lead casts once again. Jonathan Tucker and Riann Steele should reprise their roles as the central characters, Bryan Beneventi, a CIA Agent, and Finola Jone, an MI6 agent. We are also certain to see Norbert Leo Butz as Craig Maddox, Scroobius Pip as Anson Ash, and Anjali Jay as Priya Ferris. Lastly, Dee Dee, Brill, and George Jones should also return as Gabrielle Ryan, Sebastian Roché, and Tyrone Benskin, respectively. While there is also the possibility that we may see Thomas Cadrot and Armin Karame return as Tomorrow and Brandt, we may most likely see some new characters instead.

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