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What To Expect From Death in Paradise Season 11?

Death in Paradise Season 11
Death in Paradise Season 11

Death in Paradise is a BBC crime drama that has been going strong for a decade now. The show has kept its successful streak despite its long-running tenure. And it seems that its success is not faltering anytime soon. The show is about to venture into its 11th season. Season 11 will clear the mist on the big cliffhanger we were left with at the end of season 10. We will finally get to see the development of the Neville-Florence equation.

Although season 11 has been delayed due to the COVID pandemic, the filming is soon to begin this year. Now let’s take a peek at all that’s happening with season 11 and what to expect from it.

Ralf Little Death in Paradise Season 11

Ralf Little is going to return for season 11 of Death in Paradise.

Who’s in the Cast?

Most of the cast is returning for the 11th season, while some new additions also exist. Ralf Little is reprising his role of DI Neville Parker. Josephine Jobert is also returning as DS Florence Cassell. Don Warrington is also back as Commissioner Patterson. Don is now the only remaining cast member who was there since the very first episode. Elizabeth is also expected to return for the 11th season as Catherine Bordey. Tahj Miles is also to make a return as Marlon Pryce.

Sadly, Tobi is not going to return as JP for the 11th season. He played the character for six years. It has been confirmed that Tobi Bakare won’t be reprising his role of Seargent JP Hooper. His character on the show is going to leave Saint Marie for a new high-profile job. His departure will leave a vacancy, but it’s still to be seen who will fill it. Any news or announcement regarding his replacement hasn’t been made yet. Tahj Miles’ Marlon Pryce will be a character to look out for in season 11. He made the most impressions in the 10th season as a recruit. He plays the serial offender turned rehabilitated cop. Also returning is Catherine Bordey, playing Élizabeth Bourgine. Bourgine escaped death by a slight margin when she was strangled at her home. She’s returning as a fully recovered character in the next season.

Tahj Miles as Marlon Pryce death in Paradise Season 10

Tahj Miles’ Marlon Pryce was a highlight in season 10 of Death in Paradise.

Death in Paradise Season 11 Plot

The plot for Death in Paradise season 11 is still unknown. No official synopsis or plot has been announced yet. However, one thing is sure to happen — we will finally get to see what Neville confessed to Florence. The big cliffhanger at the end of season 10 was Neville going to Florence, prepared to confess his true feelings for her. But before we could get to watch the confession, the season ended. The wait for a follow-up has become only intense after pandemic-inflicted delays. Viewers would have to wait a little bit longer until 2022, when the next season finally drops. Will Florence accept and reciprocate the true feelings Neville has for her? Or is there going to be a different development to this story? Guess we’ll have to wait it out, folks!

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Season 11 — Delays in Filming and Release

The usual routine for Death in Paradise is to drop a new season every January. There were no changes for January 2021, but the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic happened to do just that. The show was put on hold last year following the pandemic. Season 10 was released in 2020 despite the ongoing pandemic, but unfortunately, season 11 is moved to 2022. Ralf Little had warned fans a while ago about the delay in the filming of the next season.

Talking about the filming schedule, Ralf told in interviews that the production would be postponed. He said that it’s not going to start in April, but it won’t be as late as July. The showrunners and the actors are determined to go back and hop on to the schedule. Proper decisions are being taken to get back on the shoot, following the pandemic guidelines.

Ralf Little and Josephine Jobert Death in Paradise Season 11

Neville’s confession to Florence will be one of the most anticipated things for season 11.

Death in Paradise Release Date

Death in Paradise is due to release sometime in 2022. There’s no specific date announced yet. Filming on season 11 will begin sometime in the summer this year. The filming is to take place on the French Caribbean island of Guadeloupe. Season 10 of Death in Paradise ended on a cliffhanger where Neville confesses his true feelings to Florence. The fans have been waiting for the conclusion to that cliffhanger. Season 11 will answer that when it airs on BBC1 in 2022. It will air on PBS in the United States.

You can stream all seasons of Death in Paradise on BBC iPlayer.