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Dear. M K-Drama: What We Know So Far

Dear. M K-Drama

Dear. M is an upcoming South Korean drama featuring Park Hye Soo, Jeong Jae Hyun, Roh Jeong Eui, Bae Hyung Sung, Lee Jin Hyuk, and Woo Da Vi. It is an extension of the drama Love Playlist season 4. The story follows a college love romance and the university students around. The show attracts massive popularity due to its previous seasons and the current cast. Originally the drama, Dear. M was expected to release in February but due to some allegations, it was postponed. The shooting and production are nearly completed and are currently going through the final checks.

Dear. M Trailer Breakdown

The official trailer was released on 3rd February 2021. The trailer portrays a glimpse of feelings circulating around the first love. Ma Joo Ah is seen expressing her thoughts on first love. What it means to love or like someone for the first time. Cha Min Ho is seen inclining towards Joo Ah and they seem to enjoy the quality time together. They go together to a gathering where they are anticipated as a couple, Ma Joo Ah declines saying it is so off the trend to date a friend. She just likes him as a friend and nothing else. The mere presentation of the trailer takes us back to the first feeling we had in our youth and is totally relatable.

Dear. M

A still from the Korean drama-Dear M.

Dear. M plot details

Dear M is based on the web series ”Love Playlist” and revolves around the students of Seoyeon University. One day an anonymous post pops up in the school community online by the name ”M”. It soon gets famous all around the campus and students try to find out who this ”M” in general could be. Ma Joo Ah is a second-year student and takes an extreme interest in the case. Her friends accompany her in the search.

The four friends Ma Joo Ah, Cha Min Ho, Seo Ji Min, and Park Ha Neul get ultimately involved in the case in search of ”M”. As the case progresses the friends find themselves involved in romantic relationships. Will they be able to find the true identity of ”m” or will it remain forever a mystery or is there a twist in the identity of the anonymous ”M”, is something for which we need to look out to the show.

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Release Date:-

Dear. M

Dear. M K- drama to be released soon

The drama will air probably in the mid of 2021. The show was initially set to release on 26th February 2021 but got delayed due to the allegations against Park Hye Soo. It will air on the KBS2 network and will originally have 12 episodes in total with each episode being approximately 60mins long. Due to the current ongoing allegations of Park Hye Soo, of her school violence rumors and the production are still deciding on a perfect date for the release. Jeong Jae Hyun on the other hand is making his acting debut with Dear. M. His fans are all excited to see him onscreen.

Where to watch K drama Dear. M

Dear. M will be airing soon on the original network KBS2 and many reports say followed by the original release the drama may be also available on YouTube. Further, it will be also available on the popular streaming site Viki.

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The Cast of ” Dear. M”

Dear. M

The cast of k drama Dear. M

In the main cast Park Hye Soo, Jeong Jae Hyun, Roh Jeong Eui, Bae Hyung Sung, Lee Jin Hyuk, and Woo Da Vi have been cast. Park Hye Soo will be seen playing the role of Ma Joo Ah, Jeong Jae Hyun will make his acting debut and will play the role of Cha Min Ho. Roh Jeong Eui will be playing the role of Seo Ji Min and Bae Hyung Sung will play the role of Park Ha Neul. Further Lee Jin Hyuk has been cast for the role of Gil Mok Jin and Woo Da Vi has been cast for the role of Hwang Bo Young. The direction of the drama is under Park Jin Woo and Seo Joo Wan, with the screenwriting under Lee Seul.

The genres of the drama include friendship, romance, youth, life, school, and drama. It is also popularly known as Love Playlist 2021, Love Playlist 5, and Love Playlist: Dear M.

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