Dean Ambrose Says Goodbye To WWE

Monday Night Raw was held in Brooklyn in its latest edition. In this episode, we got to see some after show action which was recorded and shared by WWE fans throughout the world. After the show was over Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns united in the ring for one last time at least for now that seems.

It was revealed in WWE official statement a couple of months ago that Dean Ambrose will be leaving WWE franchise once his contract runs out in April as it seems that he has decided not to renew his contract. WWE even used this situation to its advantage and made Bobby Lashley and his sidekick get under his skin by telling Ambrose that after he leaves WWE Bobby Lashley will take care of his wife, Renne Young.

After this, we saw the Shield reuniting again against Bobby Lashley, Baron Corbin and Drew McIntyre. The Shield went on to win this match at Fastlane. Before that Dean Ambrose took some serious beating on show at the hands of the trio until Roman Reigns returned to help his old mates. This storyline was presumably introduced in order to turn Dean Ambrose a fan favourite again after he was made a heel for some time now.

So, the emotional farewell to Dean Ambrose was a pretty good moment to witness. I still wish that Raw should have got this moment on air and not let it happen off the air. Nonetheless, Dean Ambrose was seen in the unofficial clips thanking the WWE universe for their utmost support throughout his career with the WWE.

Dean Ambrose WWE

Dean Ambrose said that these buildings are worthless without the people who come to see them week in week out and make them real-life superstars.

He further said that without the WWE universe none of this would have even existed. He then bowed numerous times towards the crowd in order to show his appreciation towards the WWE fans. It is not known why Dean Ambrose was not given a new contract by WWE, was it the franchise’s decision or his own.

Nonetheless, WWE official statement mentioned that they wish him all the best for his future. Who knows we might get to see Dean Ambrose on a new wrestling franchise as we all know that in spite being the biggest wrestling franchise, WWE is not the only wrestling franchise out there. Dean Ambrose has been an awesome character to behold since he made his debut in WWE. Let us all wish him the best of luck for the future.

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