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Deaimon Anime Series: Release Date, Cast & Theme Songs

Deaimon Release date

This April a heartfelt anime series is to be released. Wonder what it is? A food anime series. Yes, that’s right, Deaimon which is the name of the food anime series will be releasing its episodes sooner. Story by Rin Asano, the series has 12 volumes as of yet; is published by Kadokawa Shoten and serialized in Young Ace since May 2016. There are indeed many food anime series, some of which may even be one of your favorites. But, Deaimon will make you feel bonded with your close ones, through food! Seems interesting?

The past two years may not have been sweet to any, but this year it will surely be. The anime industry has been releasing a lot of different kinds of anime genres and/or categories. Ranging from romantic scenes to scenes that may be gory, there are also other anime series that are heart-touching. There are indeed certain series that will melt you without even straying off of the path of ‘common.’ Here are some details about the series.

Deaimon – Synopsis

Leaving his home to pursue music, for nearly 10 years, and returning back after all those years, Kazu Nano is one of the main protagonists of the anime series. Kazu, after the news reached him that his father has been hospitalized, returns back to his home in Kyoto. After coming back, he thought of taking over his father’s pastry shop. However, there awaits a surprise.

Deaimon Release date

Kazu returns to Kyoto after 10 years

Kazuka Yukihira has already been decided as the successor and Kazu Nano is asked to be her father figure. Not only did Kazu not get his inheritance, but he has to now look over an unrelated successor? How will the story turn out? Will Kazu truly help Kazuka without any malice? Or will Kazuka give the inheritance back to Nano?

To know more, we have to watch it first. So then, when will Deaimon be released?

Deaimon – Release Date

The anime series Deaimon will be released on 6 April 2022. The official site has released the broadcast time and date in detail. The broadcasting of the anime series will start on Wednesday, April 6, 2022. The broadcasting stations:

1. AT-X will start broadcasting every Friday from 11:30 am to 17:30 pm (the repeat broadcast will be every Friday from 11:30 and every Tuesday from 17:30 pm.)

2. TOKYO MX will broadcast the series starting 6 April, every Wednesday from 1:35

3. KBS Kyoto will broadcast every Wednesday, starting April 6 at 1:35

4. Sun TV will start broadcasting from 7 April, that is every Thursday from 24:00

5. BS11 will start from April 8th at 23:00, every Friday.

(Please note that the broadcasting time and date are subject to change.)

Deaimon – Cast

The main cast for the new anime series Deaimon commented on their work:

Nobunaga Shimazaki VA of Kazu Nano

Commenting on how wonderful the story that the series includes, Nobunaga greets with the warmth that depicts the bonds that Japanese sweets connect!

Deaimon Release date

Kazu Nano

Kozue Yuki VA of Kazuka Yukihira

Pleasing to work, Rikiya comments on how she will pour all her dedication into her characters’ feelings and do her best.

Deaimon Release date

Kazuka Yukihira

Directed by Fumitoshi Oizaki, the other cast of the series includes Rikiya Koyama as the VA of Heisuke Nano, Sayaka Ohara as the VA of Tomiki Nano, Hiroshi Iwasaki as the VA of Tatsumasa, Satsuki Yukino as the VA of Mr. Tsuru,Takuma Nagatsuka as the VA of Saki Seto, Minori Suzuki as the VA of Horikawa Mitsuru, Minami Takahashi as the VA of Kanoko Matsukaze, Yoshitsugu Matsuoka as the VA of Yukihira Tomoe, Sakamoto Maaya as the VA of Mari Yukihira, Oikawa Izo as the VA of Kazumitsu Nano and Miho Yoshida as the VA of Yayoi Nano.

Deaimon – Theme songs

The series’ opening theme song will be by Sakamoto Maaya “Viola.” And the ending theme song has been tasked to Deaimon (ayaho + Junichi Soga) “Promise here.” The ending song is also used in the promotional video of the series.

Animation Production ‘Encourage Films’ and the production company ‘Green Pines,’ the anime series Deaimon is one of the much-awaited series.

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