Deadpool 2 Streaming Release Date, Deleted Scenes, and Blu-ray

deadpool 2 streaming release date

In this post, we are going to be talking about Deadpool 2 streaming release date, deleted scenes, and updates. Deadpool 2 came out on 15 May 2018, and the movie was an instant hit. The fans who have not been able to watch the movie in the theatres and the fans who have already watched the movie, both are waiting for the streaming release date, and don’t worry we have got you covered.

When Does Deadpool 2 Come Out On Netflix?

Before we move forward with the Deadpool 2 streaming release date, we will be talking about the deleted scenes from Deadpool 2. There were a bunch of deleted scenes from the series, but the one which was most discussed was baby Hitler scenes, and I’d like to let you know, that there are spoilers ahead.

The post-ending scene was deleted from the theatrical release of the movie, so what happens in the scene is that Deadpool goes back in the past to Hitler’s nursery and leans in the crib to strangle the baby Hitler, and it was quite disturbing.

Moving on, there’s also a Deadpool’s suicide montage scene after Vanessa’s death in the extended blu-ray version of the movie. Now coming back to our main topic, Deadpool 2 steaming release date is still not confirmed. However, Deadpool 1 was released on Netflix after nearly two years and four months after the theatrical release. We can expect the same this year. Deadpool 2 might release on Netflix in September 2020, and if we make an early guess, then the earliest would be in mid-2019; and please note that no official confirmation has been made on this, this is pure speculation.

Now that was sad news as the movie is still not out on the streaming platforms, but we do have good news for you. The film already came out on DVD, Blu-ray, and Ultra 4K HD on August 21 in the US; however, the movie will be coming out on DVD, Blu-ray, and Ultra 4K HD on September 7 in the UK.

That’s all for now; we will be back with more news and updates on Deadpool.