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Deadly Virtues Ending Explained: Why Aaron Leaves Alison in the Ending?

Why Does Aaron leave Alison at the ending of this thriller? To answer this, let’s have the ending explained of Deadly Virtues. Even for those who have watched Deadly Virtues, the finale will be hard to understand. Ata de Jong directed this horror thriller back in 2014. Deadly Virtues: Love, Honour, Obey- a classic horror full of seduction and torture, just like Gerald’s Game.

It’s a short film with a duration of only one hour seventeen mins. The film has only three characters – Megan Maczko and Matt Barber playing the role of the wife and the husband. Edward Akrout plays the character of the brutal torturer, who is seemingly the antagonist of the film. The drama tells the story of a happy couple whose life gets fragmented when an intruder (Edward Akrout) bursts into their home. The stranger only seems to have business with the wife as he plays the game of seduction for the whole weekend!

Megan Maczo nails the role of Tom’s wife, Alison, who gets tortured throughout the weekend. The film has a lot of horrors, thrill, and a little bit of taste of suspense in the end. The plot twist in the ending makes the film special, then the whole torture and seduction.

A happily married couple is having a good time together on a Saturday night before terror falls upon them! An intruder barges inside the house and captures both of them. The stranger, whose name is Aaron, ties Tom inside the bathroom. He tells Alison that he has plans to enjoy the whole weekend with her. If he did not come for Alison, then why did he capture them? So, that’s why we are here to get the Deadly Virtues Ending Explained.

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In The Ending Deadly Virtues Ending Explained

Aaron- The Deadly Torturer


The Movie kicks off with a stranger, Aaron getting inside a house unlocking it with a key! Alison and Tom are spending quality time together, just like every married couple. Aaron makes some deliberate noise and then injures Tom. After tying Alison so that she doesn’t escape, Aaron brutally ties up Tom inside a bathroom. It shows that he is pretty skillful in all this.

After Tom pleads to Aaron, Aaron cuts off one of his fingers. He warns him not to repeat it. Aaron asks Alison to be his husband for this weekend. Alison agrees to his demands, and Aaron unties her. Aaron and Alison go to the bedroom, where Aaron asks her a few erotic questions. Aaron and Alison go into the bathroom where tom is tied, and he makes Tom suffer even more by doing sensual things with his wife in front of him. 

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Tom- Matt Barber

Aaron & Alison

In the whole film, Aaron talks with Alison like how a loving husband talks with his wife. It is a game of seduction and torture where you have to play without showing emotions. Alison was often tied up either with him or on the bed. Aaron once talked rudely with her and said only Tom has the right to be her husband. He cuts another finger of Tom, warning her.
Till now, Aaron has not assaulted Alison at all or have any physical endurance. He only wants Alison to be like his husband for the weekend. Alison tried to poison Aaron’s wine, but Aaron already knew about it but still did nothing to her. Aaron makes Tom suffer more badly for whatever Alison did to either hurt him or escape. If Aaron didn’t want Alison, then why did he capture Alison?

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In The Ending Deadly Virtues

Alison- Megan Maczko

Deadly Virtues Ending Explained: What Happens To Alison In The Ending?

Deadly Virtues seemed very easy to predict what will be the ending, Right? But, it is absolutely the opposite! We all thought the charming Aaron, is a psychopathic killer who likes to seduce harmless women. But he ended up becoming the hero who silently helped Alison from destroying her life. His methods were rash, but when we talk about life partners, nothing comes ahead! So Aaron left, as he promised. He also left behind many hints telling that Tom is the real villain. On Alison’s phone, she found out that Tom was having an affair with her best friend, Sarah! He also marked the word “Cheater” on Tom’s chest.

When Alison freed Tom, Tom started assaulting Alison for not helping her. Alison then revealed that Aaron was right for punishing Tom. She also gave Sarah a piece of her mind for stabbing at her back. Alison leaves the house and leaves Tom. All this proves that Aaron is a person who wants to help women who are not able to help themselves. He wants to give them the strength that is missing. How did he get the key? Aaron deliberately works in a Key Maker’s shop. This way, he can get information about women who are living sadistic life. Aaron is no less than a hero for them!

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