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Dead Space Remake: What To Expect?

Dead Space Remake: What To Expect And Release Date

Electronic Arts finally announced the Dead Space Remake after eight years of silence. Is the remake from the ground up? What new things will come in Dead Space Remake? When is the scheduled release window for Dead Space Remake? In this blog, we will discuss everything in detail regarding EA Motive’s Dead Space Remake. Dead Space is a series of science-fiction survival horror video games by Electronic Arts. The first installment in the franchise, Dead Space, was released in 2008.

The game follows Isaac Clarke in the 26th century, who gets entangled with hostile aliens called Necromorphs and has to fend for himself. There is a total of three games in the franchise, with the last release in 2013. Dead Space franchise has spawned many other media such as animated movies, novels, comics, etc. Dead Space franchise is an influential franchise that helped reinvent and save the survival horror genre. The Dead Space franchise is very successful critically, where the first, to this day, is considered the best and a masterpiece.

Dead Space Remake: What to Expect?

Many rumors were going around about a remake of the phenomenal successful survival horror game called Dead Space in 2021. Electronic Arts officially confirmed this rumor in July 2021. The developers have confirmed that Dead Space Remake will be from the scratch, which is good news indeed.

Dead Space Remake: What To Expect And Release Date

Isaac Recharging And Reading Bloody Quote On The Wall

They have regularly put out details of the remake regarding the changes, new features, etc., in their Developers Update Livestream. Here are some of the significant changes coming in –

ALIVE System

In March 2022’s Developers Update Livestream, they announced a new system for the game. This new system will work as a response to various gameplay elements. ALIVE system is an acronym that stands for Adrenaline, Limbic System Response, Intelligent Dialog, Vitals, and Exertions. Intelligent Dialog will have three variations, Normal, Fatigued, and Injured. Clarke will have different ways of delivering his lines based on his situation. If he is injured, Clarke will achingly, though subtle, deliver lines.

Everything from Scratch

The developers are using Electronic Arts’ in-house game engine, Frostbite Engine, for the remake’s development. Everything will have a redesign, including assets, character models, and the environment.

Dead Space Remake: What To Expect And Release Date

Dead Space: Original Vs Remake

According to the rumors, many cut elements from the original games may arrive in this remake.

No Microtransaction

One thing which fans and critics criticized the most in Dead Space 3 was the microtransactions. EA Motive, the developers, confirmed in Developers Update that Dead Space Remake will not include microtransactions.


  • The developers have said that the game will focus and flesh-out side characters such as Nicole Brennan. The remake will have the players learn more about Brennan regarding her actions leading before and after the Necromorphs’ attack.
  • The remake will focus more on the lore and connect more with other games such as sequels, books, comics, etc.

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Dead Space Remake: Story

The game will be a remake of the original 2008 game and will feature the same story. The remake will take place in the 26th century revolving around the engineer Isaac Clarke who goes to the now silenced planetary ship, USG Ishimura. Upon investigating the strange silence, the crew of Clarke gets attacked by mutated human corpses called Necromorphs.


Like the original game, the remake will have Clarke fighting and surviving against these monsters while also protecting other crew members. Another mission will have Clarke learn the truth behind the loss of USG Ishimura.Β 


Dead Space Remake: Release Date

When is the remake releasing? Is it coming anytime soon, like this year or the next? Electronic Arts officially announced Dead Space Remake in the 2021’s EA Play Live event. The first teaser trailer also came on the same day as its revelation. The teaser trailer shows Isaac Clarke recharging. The teaser ends with a bloody quote on the wall, “Cut Off Their Limbs.”

The initial release window for the remake was sometime in fall 2022. But in March 2022’s Developers Update Livestream, EA Motive announced the delay of the game with the new projected release date in Early 2023.Β 

The remake will only release on next-generation consoles, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S, and Microsoft Windows.

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