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Dead Space Remake: Release Date & Features

Dead Space Remake Release Date
Dead Space Remake Release Date

EA has announced that a new Dead Space game is on the way, confirming suspicions circulating for some time. Consequentially, we will discuss the Dead Space remake release date. At the moment, all the publisher has to offer is a teaser. The game is being developed from the ground up utilizing the Frostbite engine. And will be released on PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X and S. No release date has been set yet. The remake may contain features and material removed from the original game.

According to the game’s creative director. Roman Campos Arreola, the original developer, Visceral Games, was forced to make significant modifications to its concept for Dead Space. Owing to technological limitations. The Motive team is eager to make things appear and sound very frightening, using the latest generation of hardware advances in 3D audio and volumetric lighting to really ratchet up the atmosphere. There are no loading screens to impede the action.

Dead Space Remake: Release Date

The Dead Space remake will release sometime in late 2022. Moreover, EA promises that the game will reach previously unheard-of levels of terror and immersion. Glenn Schofield, the original Dead Space director, discussed what it was like to have Resident Evil director Shinji Mikami come in to test the game ahead of its release. Furthermore, Dead Space remake developers promise that the game will run more smoothly into its concept for the remake. The team also ponders on how the remix might expose a whole new generation of fans to the original Dead Space.

They’re smartly utilizing the remake to add accessibility features that weren’t available the first time around. We can only hope Dead Space will continue to take cues from Resident Evil and how Capcom handled its recent remix. The developer deliberately toyed with the expectations of its original fans’ tweaking set-piece scares ever so slightly to keep things fresh and keep players guessing. It was a very smart way of preserving the atmosphere of the original games. We still have a long way to go until we see this version in action.

Dead Space Remake Release Date

Dead Space Remake Release Date

Better Graphics Equal Better Dismemberments

The original DS included gory dismemberment as you went around and shot and blew up aliens. With 2008 graphic processing units, that kind of detail looks kind of clunky, retro-ish, and low-grade. We’re now in the 4K era, which means fans demand higher-quality graphics and more gore. In a recent live stream, the developers showcased the technology implemented for the remake of the game. In a very plain way, they put the shooter in a room with a prop alien target for shot practice.

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This new way of rendering blown-up body parts helps you not only rejoice in the æsthetics of it all. But it also gives you an idea of how much damage you inflicted upon your enemies. The weaponry in Dead Space was already more diverse than they are often given credit for. (If you play the first game, particularly the sequel, with just the plasma cutter, you’re really losing out.) However, the remake obviously makes an attempt to recreate them in a meaningful way. The remake of Dead Space will allow you to float in zero gravity (like in the sequels), rather than needing to jump across surfaces with your boots otherwise attached to the “earth.”

Dead Space Remake Release Date

Dead Space Remake Release Date

Float Around and Blow up Stuff

Its zero-G controls, like the original weaponry in Dead Space, are perhaps unjustly maligned. The stages are built around leaping, and it’s strangely gratifying to bounce from one wall to the next. However, introducing free motion is a very logical change for the remake. The Dead Space reboot also seeks to provide greater depth to the people around Isaac, such as Nicole Brennan, the girlfriend he spends the game searching for. “We want to offer you the tools to really search for her, and more than look for her, discover what happened to her throughout the outbreak,” Campos-Oriola says. That may suggest that the remake of Dead Space will have a little more active player agency than the very linear original, or it could just be recognizing that the original narrative does appear to sometimes forget Nicole exists.

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