If you’ve seen and read Batman, maybe you’ve stumbled upon Azrael. But who is Azrael, and how’s he related to Batman? Well, no worries, because today we’re answering all the questions concerning this superhero from the DC Universe. After you read our article, you’ll understand who Azrael is and where he comes from. We can start by saying he’s one of the baddest guys out there.

And we’re limiting our explanation of Azrael to the first iteration. As there are three, one by Michael Washington Lane and one by Abraham Arlington. We’re sticking to Jean-Paul Valley, as he’s the original one and the one that spawned the rest of the lore. Now, without further ado, let’s unpack Azrael for you Batman fans. Let’s begin!

Who Is Azrael?

Jean-Paul Valley, a bottle-baby genetically produced with wildlife DNA by his father, the previous Azrael, was the first Azrael in Batman comics. Jean-Paul had been emotionally groomed by his father and the Order since boyhood to be his father’s successor. His father died while he was a young guy. And he was transferred to Europe to train under the Order immediately.

DC: Who Is Azrael? How's He Related to Batman?
Batman vs. Azrael in a fight

Azrael would eventually meet Batman, whom he idolized and longed to succeed, often joining up with the Batman Family in Gotham. After Bane shattered Batman’s spine. Azrael took on the Batman mantle only to show himself a crazed murderer who didn’t care about preserving civilian lives, only punishing those deemed sinners. In one case, he murdered serial killer Abattoir while willingly allowing other captives to end up dead.

What Is His Role in The DCU?

Jean-Paul Valley Jr. is the descendant of a long line of assassin-enforcers of the Order of St. Dumas, which was once a branch of the Knights Templar. As a child, he was unnaturally brought up and indoctrinated by the Order through a technique only known as “The System,” causing him to develop a split personality between his Jean-Paul identity and Azrael, the former more violent and dangerous.

He would learn about his ancestors as an adult from his father, the Azrael preceding him. Valley will eventually resist his brainwashing and battle with Batman and his comrades. The character is usually portrayed as a good-hearted vigilante, yet he and Batman also have clashed over the Order’s brainwashing of Valley and its consequences on his mental condition.

What Are Azrael’s Powers?

Azrael possesses specific superpowers, having been physiologically and mentally developed by St. Dumas scientists to be an almost perfect warrior and assassin. As a result, he has superhuman strength, speed, and agility above and above usual human standards. Before Flashpoint, these skills stemmed from his somewhat altered metabolism. His DNA was fused with animal DNA to improve his talents.

However, after Flashpoint, these abilities stem solely from genetic alternation. Azrael has limited empathic powers post-Flashpoint, able to produce painful visions in others, which he frequently uses to leave his foes in an ionic state by contact. He calls this talent “Wrath of God.” Azrael is also a highly-skilled assassin. Moreover, he’s proficient in hand-to-hand fighting and sword warfare. Nomoz’s mental manipulation and training are known as “The System.” His combat abilities qualify him to face Bane, Deathstroke, Batman, Batwoman, and Cassandra Cain.

DC: Who Is Azrael? How's He Related to Batman?
Azrael in all his might

What Are Azrael’s Weaknesses?

Azrael has some flaws: Valley can only use his powers while suited up due to The System’s mental indoctrination. His normal personality has been suppressed in favor of a more vicious one. Azrael has learned over time that the two identities must coexist and that he must rely on his abilities and capabilities.

The System also exposes his mental state, with St. Dumas’ technology capable of influencing and overriding his personality. His mental condition and physiology were also harmed by hazardous chemical exposure before Flashpoint, which boosted his augmented skills. Still, that event exacerbated his mental disorder and slowed his metabolism, slowly killing him. And with this intel, we are concluding our scoop on Azrael here at Otakukart. Thanks for reading our article. And please go to our main page to see what else is new in the world of entertainment. See you soon!

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