DBS Manga Just Revealed Jiren’s Real Reason To Enter ToP

Jiren is one of the most amazing characters that we’ve seen in Dragon Ball Super so far. I would go as far as to say that he’s the best character I’ve seen yet. His concept is different, and he’s so original as compared to the rest of the characters like Goku Black, and Golden Freeza. Jiren represents Universe 11 in the Tournament of Power, and he’s a member of the Pride Troopers.

That’s all we knew from him in the anime, but now that the Dragon Ball Super Manga is out, we have a lot more information about him, including the reason why he has entered the Tournament of Power. Surprisingly, Jiren was actually against entering the Tournament of Power. When asked by Toppo to enter the Tournament of Power, he outright rejected, and said that he had no plans to fight there.

If Universe 11 was to get destroyed, then it would just be the fate of the Universe. He basically says that even though it is his job to protect Universe 11, he will not destroy any other Universe to protect his own. That’s the kind of guy Jiren is! I don’t think the anime has even hinted at him being like this, but that’s what Jiren is. It took a lot of convincing to get him into the Tournament of Power.


According to Belmod, there’s only one way to get Jiren into the Tournament of Power, and that’s to give him his one wish. According to Belmod, Jiren has a wish that he wants to be fulfilled, even if that wish means betraying all his ideals and everything that he stands for. So, Belmod personally goes to Jiren, and tells him about the Super Dragon Balls!

Once Jiren comes to know that his wish may be granted, he takes part in the Tournament of Power. We don’t really know what wish it is that Jiren wants to be granted, but it is likely something of extreme importance to him. The way Jiren is, I could see that he has a sad past, and maybe some rough history, which is why he wants to erase evil and protect everyone. Maybe he wants to bring someone back.

It is also possible that Jiren wants to restore the other Universes, and that maybe he’s not from Universe 11 at all. This is actually a theory taking rounds on social media for quite some time now, and I think it’s interesting at the very least. But, I guess we’ll only find his wish out when he makes it to the end of the Tournament of Power. With the amount of power that he has, it is certainly possible. All credits for providing this information go to Herms from Dragon Ball community.

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