DBS Latest News Confirms Birth Of A New Warrior In DBS Episode 114

dragon ball super episode 114 fusion

One thing I have been seeing circling the Dragon Ball Community is the possibility of Fusion in the Tournament of Power! There seems to be a divide among the Community if Fusion is allowed or not, and with recent leaks it seems like we may finally have our answer!

A lot of the fans who say Fusion is not allowed are going off of what Vegeta said to Goten and Trunks as to why they are not allowed to enter the Tournament of Power. Does Vegeta really know more than we think, or is Vegeta just assuming that Fusion by way of Fusion Dance is not allowed because Potara Fusion is not allowed?

In the newest leaks for Episode 114, there are some very interesting words that you need pay attention to. It’s titled: Ghastly! The Explosive Birth of a new Super Warrior!! Note the choice of words here, Explosive Birth, every time you see “Birth” in a Episode title, it usually refers to Fusion! This very well could indicate that there is some kind of Fusion to come in the Tournament of Power!

If that is the case, what kind of Fusion? It can’t be Potara Fusion due to the earrings, that makes it illegal. But hold on, we have seen countless times where participants in the Tournament of Power have used items that we all thought would be illegal from Krillin’s shoe, Roshi’s Sunglasses, and even Roshi’s sealing pot! All have been ruled safe simply because it “entertained” the Zeno’s.

So could the same hold true for a Fusion by Potara Earrings? The Supreme Kai or Elder Kai could ask to speak to the Zeno’s and easily say “If you would like to see a better fight, allow one of us to lend our Potara Earrings to Goku”, and knowing Jiren, he would not back down from that challenge. Knowing that all the Zeno’s want to see is high power battles with flashing lights the Zeno’s could agree.

This also opens the door for other Fusions as well. The writers could simply make Gogeta canon, or have their original idea from Dragon Ball Z and have Goku and Gohan fuse. Even have Piccolo absorb the other Namekians from Universe 6! I definitely think the writers did this purposely, they love to drop little hints for the fans who love to theorize, and analyze the show!

So what are your thoughts? Do you think the writers are hinting at Fusion? If so, who do you think will Fuse? Keep the conversation going by leaving your opinions and thoughts in the comments down below! As always, thanks for joining the conversation!


New DBS Spoilers Confirms One Major Character Gets Eliminated

Since the start of the Tournament of Power, it’s been anyone’s guessing game as to who will be the next one eliminated. When we were finally shown what Jiren was capable of, it seemed like anyone was fair game to be next!

At the end of the latest episode Hit was shown to go after Jiren, and with recent leaks and spoilers, we know in the next Episode we will get to see Hit vs Jiren! Knowing what Jiren is capable of, and knowing the pecking order (Jiren>Goku>Hit) when you look at these 3 characters, does Hit even have a chance?

With a brand new release for the upcoming episode, it seems the answer is NO! In the newest leak/spoiler, it details as follows: Universe 6 is targeted by the other Universe’s as they lose their starfighter, Hit! On the other hand, Vegeta moves in to help his student -Cabba!!

So there is a lot going on in this Episode coming up, Episode 112! From Hit and Jiren going all out and having Hit eventually fall to Jiren! To Universe 6 being targeted! It seems the other Universe’s know that without Hit, it would be easier to eliminate the remaining participants of Universe 6!

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