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Days Gone 2 Cancelled: Are There Any Chances Still?

Days Gone 2 Cover

Bend Studio developed a wonderful game called Days Gone back in 2019. Days Gone are an action-adventure and a survival game. It was a fan favorite on the Sony Playstation 4 for everyone. Its stunning graphics and great zombie action made it one of the best games of that year and Sony made a good chunk of profit from it. The game director Chris Reese did tease the second part of this game in December 2019 itself. But there hasn’t been much of a positive development since that day.

Let us have a look at all the events which have happened regarding the second part of the zombie action-adventure game Days Gone 2. Will it come? When will it come? What is the plot? Let’s find out everything.

Chris Reese’s Statement

The studio director of ‘Days Gone’ Chris Reese said in an interview back in December 2019 that they always aim to create games and a world to which they can keep adding more. He never confirmed the second part of the game though. He just said, “who knows, we”ll see”.

Rumors and Leaks

Every big game has some leaks and rumors attached to it before its launch. There was one rumor floating in the air back in December 2020 which originated from a Reddit post. The post was made by someone who goes by the username FLACO1942. He posted a huge post which was a list of unreleased and upcoming rumored titles for Playstation 5.

Days Gone 2

In that post, there was a little bit of summary for every game, explaining whether the game is confirmed for a release or not. Regarding Days Gone 2, the post said that Days Gone ending was a true cliffhanger and such endings mostly lead to a sequel. Back in 2019, Sony was stunned by the numbers which Days Gone made. They expected Days Gone to be a failure and Death Stranding to be a huge hit.

These were the only leaks and rumors related to the game in the last two years.

Days Gone 2 Cancelled?

This was probably the biggest news that came back last year around this time. A report from Bloomberg stated that Days Gone 2 has been rejected by Sony. The report stated that a pitch was made back in 2019 regarding the game but it got rejected by Sony. It was surprising because even after such success of Days Gone, Sony didn’t accept the second part. The reason for rejection was production issues and some critical comments from the critics.

A reputed journalist Jason Schreier claimed that a team at Sony Bend was given the task to work on a different game after all this. The game was rumored to be Last of Us 2’s multiplayer mode. i.e the Faction mode. Another team was also assigned a different game which was rumored to be a new Uncharted game.

Days Gone

Sony feared that the Sony Bend team may get acquired by Naughty Dog so they pulled them out of the project by giving a reason that they are working on a new game. Jason Schreier said on Twitter that the game was ready on paper, I don’t know if it ever progressed. There was also a lot of dispute between Sony and Sony Bend which lead to the resignation of two senior members of the team. Writer-Director John Garvin and Director Jeff Ross.

So much happened in the last year and there was still no news if the game has been officially canceled or not. Is the new game which Sony mentioned is Days Gone 2? We don’t know.


So this was pretty much everything that we know about Days Gone 2. There is no confirmation if it is still in development or not. All you can do is keep guessing or lookout for leaks and rumors if there are any. Everything regarding this game has vanished in thin air since the dispute at Sony. Both the members who left the studio were key members of the team. Will the developers come with a new pitch for Days Gone 2 and will Sony renew the game for another edition just for its fans? Well, not only fans but also for their own profit. We don’t know.

Till then, why don’t you try out the first version, Days Gone. Have a go at it as it is a good way to pass your time in this pandemic if you have played all the popular zombie titles and need another one.

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