DAY6’s Wonpil Becomes The First-Ever K-pop Idol To Serve For His Mandatory Military Service In ROK Navy!


Well, if you’re here surfing through the internet, reading these kinds of things, it already proves you’re an avid follower of the Korean industry realm, which of course refers to the fact you guys as well must have an idea of its mandatory military services isn’t that right guys? So here we’re today delivering you the latest news of another outstanding K-pop idol who’s completed his training as he enlisted for the mandatory military service earlier this year. We will be talking about one of our favorite idols, Day6’s Wonpil. Thus, keep scrolling down to let us give you the precise yet interesting details of his journey throughout!

Of course, we all are committed to our professional lives in one or the other way, but when there’s the dedication with the blend of passion going hand in hand, then, in that case, we believe you too as well know how wonderful the results can be. Each member of DAY6, a South Korean Boy band, is acknowledged and appreciated for their unique dedication, even more than their performances. If you’re one of those crazy fans of DAY6, we’re sure you know what we’re referring to and if you’re not, then our valuable audience, continue reading to find out.

Born in Incheon, South Korea, Kim Won-pil, popularly known by his stage name Wonpil is a South Korean singer, pianist, keyboardist, singer-songwriter, composer, and actor. This multi-talented artist is prominently known as the Main Vocalist, Keyboardist, Synthesizer, and Visual of the South Korean Boy band ‘DAY6’. He also recently made his solo debut in February this year with the album ‘Pilmography’.

DAY6’s Wonpil Becomes The First-Ever K-pop Idol To Serve In ROK Navy!

Unlike other celebrities who opt for necessary military service in the Army or Marines, Day6’s Wonpil chose the Navy for his military service. The Army has the shortest military service, which is why many people, including celebrities, want to serve in it. Although it only takes two months longer in the Navy than in the Army. And Of course, two months isn’t much in the grand scheme of things, but for a celebrity at the pinnacle of his career, it’s a huge deal, isn’t it? But, if it could be so challenging for Wonpil, why did he choose the Navy for his necessary military service?

We didn’t just mention their sheer devotion to hype them; rather, it was in reference to Wonpil specifically because his decision to join the Navy was entirely dependent on the bright future of DAY6. Yes, you read that right; he chose it to shorten the wait for his fans. In their own ways, he and the other members of DAY6 have attempted to sync their timelines for necessary military duty so that they may not only return. But also come back as a group with a satisfying performance for their loyal fans. Aren’t they just the cutest?

On the morning of May 6, it was revealed that our beloved idol has finally completed his military training and is all set to serve as a naval guard for the next 19 months fulfilling his duty efficiently. We, as fans, enthusiastically congratulate Wonpil on his equal devotion to serving in his country’s military.  And, of course, we’ll be eagerly anticipating his slaying return next year, right guys?

Wonpil at his Military Training Completion Ceremony Cr Allkpop
Wonpil at his Military Training Completion Ceremony Cr: Allkpop

DAY6’s Wonpil Journey Until His Enlistment In The Military (Navy)!

Wonpil is known to have been insanely talented since his childhood. Being raised in a family of musicians, he always had a knack for music. That’s something neither of us can actually deny, right? So, with his baby steps, he eventually got in as a trainee under JYP Entertainment, where his growth as an artist skyrocketed so perfectly, the outcomes of which we are captivated by.

Initially, Wonpil, as a trainee, was selected under the dance team along with his current group mate YoungK. However, they were eventually joined with a few additional members to form the band 5Live. However, the audience was unfamiliar with the ensemble.

It was when he, along with YoungK and other members of DAY6, made their debut in 2015 that he was finally acknowledged and appreciated for his skills.


Apart from being an exceptional member of DAY6, he’s also been a part of a few musical theatres, videos as well as web series. Wonpil, for now, is known to get discharged from his mandatory military services by November 27, 2023.

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