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Dawn Foster Passed Away: Everything To Know

Dawn Foster death
Dawn Foster

The sudden news of Dawn Foster death has left everyone in a stupor. Only once in a century do we get to meet a strong will warrior, who does not fight with punches, but rather uses the deadliest weapon- words. Fighting without using a weapon yet winning against nefarious people is another charm of the warrior. Here we are talking about a warrior, who does the same, is none other Dawn Foster. She was one of the brightest stars in the universe who always encouraged and guided people to walk through the dark and atrocious path. She was always the odd one, standing out of the crowd but in a good way.

Dawn Foster was a British journalist, broadcaster, and writer. She was writing for an American socialist magazine named Jacobin. Foster had also given a fair share of work to the London Review of BooksTimes Literary Supplement, The Independent, The Nation, etc. She offered sharp and clear critics of inequality, corrupt politics, and cultural ideas. She even delivered excellent perspectives regarding independent social views in the left-wing intellectual magazine Dissent. The writing was her weapon, and words were her fighting moves that could make you crumble in defeat. Unfortunately, we have lost this world-class renovated writer. Let us tell you more about Dawn Foster death.

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Her Personal Life and Career

Dawn Hayley Foster was born on 12 September 1986 in Belfast, Northern Ireland, and grew up in Newport, South Wales. She had never had an easy life. In some articles, she wrote that she grew up in poverty. Her family was unemployed. The young Foster immersed herself in the study and hold responsibilities on the tiny shoulders of hers. She attended Caerleon Comprehensive School and Bassaleg High School. Afterward, she got a scholarship and went to study English Literature at Warwick.

Foster is a famous political television commentator and fierce critic of inequality. As an author, she had written two books. Her first book, Lean Out, was published by Repeater Books in January 2016. Her second book, Where Will We Live?, was published in 2018 by Repeater Books. According to reports, Foster was working on her third book, a cultural history of the dole, during her last moments.

Dawn Foster death

Former housing minister Grant Shapps and Dawn Foster

Dawn Foster outstanding performance and drive to bring equality are admirable. She was the recipient of several awards. She was titled Non-traditional Journalist of the year at the inaugural Words by Women Awards. In 2014, She was also awarded the International Building Press Prize for Young Journalist of the year. Foster was shortlisted for the Bread and Roses Award and longlisted for the Orwell Prize for exposing Britain’s Social Evil in 2017. She even ranked 82 in the 100 most influential people on the left by political commentator Iain Dale. 

Dawn Foster death- Unknown cause

Dawn Foster passed away on 15 July 2021 at the prime age of 33. Her colleague, James Butler, co-editor of the left-wing media organization Novara confirmed it, expressed his grief on Twitter on Thursday, 15 July 2021: “We are immensely saddened to announce that our dear friend @DawnHFoster died suddenly at home this week, related to her long term illness.” The news spread faster than light, shocking several journalists, her fans, and supporters across the globe. Everyone has been expressing their condolences on social media channels since then. 

Dawn Foster death

Dawn Foster

According to sources, journalist Dawn’s cause of death is still unknown. Some of her friends reported her missing as she was not responding to their messages over the weekend. However, it turned out that she was found dead at home. Foster was suffering from epilepsy and schwannomatosis for a long time. She had been discharged from the hospital on 9 July 2021. Sadly, after few days, while her friends thought she was missing, she was found dead at home due to her complicated long-term health illness. However, there is no accurate information related to her cause of death has been disclosed yet. 

Tribute to our fierce critic of inequality, Dawn Foster

Since the news of Dawn Foster death, many of her fans, well-wishers, and her peers have come forward, offered their deepest condolences. Several political critics and journalists paid tributes on social media. Some politicians like Angela Rayner, John McDonell, Jeremy Corbyn, and Mary Lou McDonald also have expressed their condolences. Dawn Foster was well respected and admired by her companions and public for her splendid and strong willpower to fight for equality and the improvement of society. The world shall never miss her voice.

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