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David Mellor Scandal: Everything You Need to know

david mellor scandal
David Mellor former Cabinet of Prime Minister

David John Mellor a name known for the scandals and rough language. As we all know, David John Mellor is a broadcaster, barrister, and a former politician. Born on March 12, 1949, David was a member of the Conservative party. He served as a Cabinet of Prime Minister John Major as chief secretary to the Treasury from 1990 until 1992. Later, David was appointed as Secretary of State for National Heritage until he resigned in September 1992. The only reason behind his resignation was the biggest David Mellor scandal. I am sure you all are excited to know what the David Mellor scandal is all about?

The Wareham, Dorset-born Mellor completed his education from the Swanage Grammar School and Christ’s College Cambridge. Mellor was the chairman of the Cambridge University Conservative Association. He was a contestant on University Challenge. So now we know Mellor was interested in politics from an early age. While he was getting prepared for his Bar exam, he started working with the Member of parliament, Jeffrey Archer. In 1972 he was called for his Bar exam and later started off with his practice in 1979 as he got elected as an MP. Mellor was also appointed as Queen’s Counsel. But his scandals not only ruined his name but his career too.

david mellor scandal

David Mellor with wife, in-laws, and his kids

What was the David Mellor scandal all about?

In 1992 at the pick of his career, David Mellor’s biggest scandal took all over media. In 1992 the Cabinet of prime minister’s affair got leaked out. When David was well settled in life, and a well-known name in the Cabinet fell prey to a 30-year-old actress Antonia de Sancha. The duo was caught at the Chelsea blue football strip, making love. This not only despoiled his marriage and personal life but his career too. As per the sources, this was the biggest David Mellor scandal we know so far. We call it the biggest as Mellor had to resign from his job following his affair with Antonia.

When asked in an interview, Antonia admitted she has no regrets over running Mellor’s career and marriage. She once admitted saying there was nothing that attracted her physically. Further, she confirmed the fact that they had an affair highlighting everything that happened in the Chelsea Football strip. She also revealed that the story about what Mr.Mellor wore or did was concocted by a publicist named Max Clifford and not by her. She also claimed that he wanted to sell his story for a higher price.

This is not where it all ends. Soon the speculations were all in media. The scandal was the first headline on the first page of the newspaper. Not only that the Prime Time TV started broadcasting the same. The three months of Mellor’s life with 12 years junior Antonia ended his marriage with his wife, Judith. On the other hand, Mellor’s sex sandal soon got converted into a  political issue. Mellor was given the title of Minister of Fun following all the media stories and speculations. Due to the David Mellor scandal, the conservative party too was mocked.

david mellor scandal

David Mellor Scandal first page headline

The real truth of the Sex Scandal

This is not where the David Mellor scandal ends. When his father-in-law, a professor, got the news of David cheating on his daughter. He appeared in a media interview claiming that if David can cheat on his daughter, he can also cheat on the nation. Soon after that, he got a treat call from David. He was warned never to appear in a media interview. Soon this too became a news headline.

When David was questioned about this, he refused to have made a treat called. The entire including his kids, wife, in-laws, and everyone close to him, was affected because of what happened. Later, it was found that the entire sex scandal story was made up by a publicist named Max Clifford. Later Clifford was sentenced to 8 years of prison for a string of historical sex offenses. He was at the peak in terms of power when he made up the front page story of Mellor and Antonia’s love affair.

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