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David Lee Roth Net Worth: How Much is The 80s Rockstar Worth Now?

David Lee Roth
David Lee Roth

David Roth Lee is a well-known music artist globally and is renowned for his undeniable energetic stage presence. The 80s rock star is an unforgettable name for hard rock fans, and he has captured the hearts of his fans with his hard rock songs throughout the years. His fans have expressed their curiosity about knowing David Lee Roth’s net worth after the peak of his career ended. Though he no longer actively participates in music still, the impact he made in the industry is remarkable and would be staying forever.

He made his debut in 1972 and released his debut album named Van Halen with his band in the late 70s, which entered Billboard 200 and ranked in 19th position, and making overall 10 million copies sales in the United States, securing a Diamond certification. The song “Eruption” from the album had a great influence and is referred to as one of the best electric guitar solos of all time and made the two-handed tapping technique fashionable.

David Lee Roth Net Worth- The 80s Rockstar

David Lee Roth in a concert

Though the band Val Helen disbanded, they came back in 2006 and finally departed in 2020. In between the years, the group had made few records, highest-grossing tours and overall can be accepted as a successful band. David had a career outside his band and was a successful solo artist, releasing many hits and earning RIAA-certified Gold and Platinum albums. To surprise you more, the artist also had another successful career as a songwriter, author, actor, and radio personality. His unique personality, dressing sense has always entertained the audience and made multiple headlines in his career because of it. So, without delay let’s dig into the and David Lee Roth net worth.

David Lee Roth Net Worth- The 80s Rockstar

The artist who had an incredible impact on the music industry

The Early Years And The Career Achievements Of David Lee Roth

David Lee Roth is born on October 10, 1954, and spent his childhood in Bloomington, Indiana, U.S, with his two sisters. He was born in a Jewish family, and his parents were well educated, as his father Nathan Lee, an ophthalmologist, and his mother Sibyl Roth, was a teacher. His sister, Lisa who created the Rockabye Baby lullaby music, a series of CDs geared toward infants and newborns. David had an interest in art and music, and his parents and siblings contributed more to his interest, which inspired him to be a musician.

David Lee Roth Net Worth- The 80s Rockstar

David Lee Roth in a young age

David and his family changed their residency a few times, and he reportedly attended The Webb Schools in Claremont, California, and John Muir High School in Pasadena. David constantly made his parents worried during his childhood because of his extremely restless and irresponsible character. He even named his band the Red Ball Jets, which indicated the red color that was used in his house for food coloring, and he believed it made him energetic.

When he was still completing his graduation in Pasadena City College, he met Eddie and Alex, also called the Van Halen brothers, and they became friends over their common passion in music. It soon turned into a partnership, as they performed as a group named Van Halen (previously called Mammoth), where David Lee Roth was the lead singer, Alex Van Halen, a drummer, and Eddie Van Halen, singer and playing lead guitar. Their original and cover songs gained attention, which led them to release their album, which was a commercial hit. It was followed by multiple other hits, millions of sales, and dominating the music charts.

David Lee Roth Net Worth- The 80s Rockstar

David with his Van Halen bandmates

He started his solo career in 1986 and released songs like Goin’Crazy, Jump, You Really Got Me, and Eat ‘Em and Smile, which received massive popularity for hard rock and catchy beats, proving himself as one of the best solo artists of his time. Van Halen made their comeback in 2012, with the album A Different Kind of Truth, which ranked No. 2 on the Billboard 200. However, they disbanded in 2020, after Eddie’s unfortunate death suffering from cancer.

Talking about his personal life, David dated multiple women, but none of the relationships lasted. He prefers not revealing about his past girlfriends to respect their privacy and is currently single.

David Lee Roth Net Worth- The 80s Rockstar

Worldwide known for his unmatchable screen presence.

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What is David Lee Roth Net Worth?

According to 2021 reports, an estimated amount of David Lee Roth’s net worth is $70 Million. David Lee Roth had a successful musical career making millions of sales with his albums, which contributes a large amount to David Lee Roth’s net worth. There was a time when he dominated the charts and sales both as a solo artist and band member. The 66-year-old artist still has an impact on the music industry till now. Roth is also a visual artist, actor and currently hosts a broadcast show named, The Roth Show since 2012 on his YouTube channel, Spotify and iTunes, which too contributes an amount to the net worth.

David Lee Roth Net Worth- The 80s Rockstar

The artist clicked in recent time

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