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David Leckie Net Worth: Earnings At The Time Of His Death

David Leckie Net Worth
David Leckie

Another sad news enough to make our hearts swell up. The television giant David Leckie is no more between us. This news has devastated the whole media world. No doubt, he was one of the popular persons behind the growth of the television industry. Likewise, he was one of the prominent media executives in the world. However, his death has left us with several questions. Most prominently, the net worth of David Leckie has been one of the hot topics. People are curious to keen to know how much the television giant earned at the time of his death. Similarly, there are talks about his glorious career. Indeed, it is important to shed some light on his path to success.

David Leckie was known for being the chief executive officer of Seven West Media. His term with the company was a hot topic of discussion. The Australian giant was also a major member of Nine Network. At Nine Network, David spent almost a quarter of a century. It helped a lot in making him one of the best media executives of his time. He hailed from Sydney, New South Wales, in Australia. David’s contributions to the media houses have been worth appreciation. As a result, his death has caused a ruckus in the industry. Let us find out how much was the net worth of David Leckie towards his last days.

David Leckie Net Worth

David Leckie.

David Leckie Net Worth

At the time of his death, David Leckie had an estimated net worth of around $2 million to $4 million. David Leckie was a former leading media executive hailing from Australia. He was known for his works in the top media companies. His contributions to these companies made them earn a lot. Under his leadership, both Nine Network and Seven West Media saw their peaks. No doubt, David’s tactics have made him one of the most influential executives of his time. He joined the industry in the year 1977. Since then, there was no going back for him. He worked hard enough with a dedication to achieving a high spot in the world. It was not an easy journey. Nobody earns success without hard work. The same went for him. However, David’s undeterred determination helped him a lot in becoming successful.

In the year 2017, David finally decided to retire from his career. It was long and tiring 40 years of commitment towards his work. At the age of 66, it was time for him to look upon his life and live the final years of his life amidst his family in peace. However, he left us on 20 July 2021. At the age of 70, David Leckie died of natural consequences caused by a long illness. He was living with his wife Skye McLeod in Robertson, New South Wales, Australia, at the time of death.

David Leckie Net Worth

At the time of his death, David Leckie’s net worth was between $2 million $4 million.

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More about David Leckie

David Leckie was a prominent member of the Seven Group Holdings. Over time, he maintained his status as an executive director of media in the company. Subsequently, he gained a large amount of money and a reputation for his role. He was passionate about his work. As a result, after leaving the position of CEO at the Seven West Media, David began to work as an advisor for the company. He was adamant about his work till 2016. However, his deteriorating health forced him to step down from his position and retire in the year 2017. Talking about his early life, David completed his education at Macquarie University. He was a graduate of economic and financial studies.

In the meantime, he was working with the Saatchi & Saatchi in London. Throughout his time with the company, David traveled a lot through Europe. He joined the Nine Network in 1977 as a salesman. But this salesman took a giant leap in his career and became the managing director in the year 1990. Nobody had imagined such a future for him. However, David was destined for it. He turned out as a blessing for the company, and it benefitted for almost a decade. Later, after leaving the television network, David got hold of another position. He was given the position of trustee of the Centennial Park and Moore Park Trust. His family includes his wife Skye McLeod and three children. Two of them are with his second wife, Skye. Whereas He shared his first kid with his ex-wife Barbara Spence.

More about David Leckie

With wife Skye McLeod

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