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David Justice Net Worth: Career And Personal Life

David Justice
David Justice Net Worth

Today’s article is all about David Justice Net Worth. David Justice is a former baseball player, who used to play in Major League Baseball. He has played for several teams, including Atlanta Braves and New York Yankees. Justice made his debut in 1989 with the Atlanta Braves and soon made a name for him. In his second year of professional baseball, he won the National League’s Rookie of the Year Award.

David Justice retired in 2002. Even though he is retired, he is still remembered as a great outfielder. His career in Major League Baseball is one to remember with all the accolades he has on. Not only his professional career but his personal life is also something that people could wish for. With social media platforms like Instagram and the internet, the famous personalities are just a few clicks away. That is the same for David Justice. The article that you are going to read now is also very similar to that concept.

David Justice Net Worth

Currently, in his 50s, David Justice has a net worth of $40 million as of August 2021. When he retired in 2002, he had a salary of $7 million per year. Due to his reputation as a good baseball player, he was offered such a huge sum of money. In 1990, he hit 28 home runs which helped his team reach the first division. David Justice’s career comprises both ups and downs. He continued his remarkable run until the time he suffered from a back injury. This affected his career, as the pain was recurring. The recurring pain hampered his performance.

David Justice

David Justice

He had a terrific time during the nineties, and most of David Justice’s net worth comes from his professional baseball days when he received many lucrative contracts from different teams. After he was traded to the Cleveland Indians, he helped them reach the World Series with stellar performances. Then after being traded a couple of times with New York Mets and Oakland Athletics, he retired. He was traded to the Oakland Athletics mainly for trying out new strategies.

David Justice Career

After retirement, he was approached by ESPN, which is a sports network. He worked with them for two years as a commentator for a professional baseball sportscast. After two years, he joined the YES network. He mainly did coverage for the New York Yankees in the studio as he was a former player. He even hosted a program called “Yankees on Deck”.

David Justice has achieved everything in life. He worked hard from an early age to reach the platform on which he stands today. He has been named in the Hall Of Fame of Atalanta Braves, has won the World Series twice, and was in the All-Star thrice. David Justice was even portrayed in a film called Moneyballs, which featured Brad Pitt. His career spanned over 13 years, and in that period, he hit 305 home runs, with a batting average of 0.279. People raised their eyebrows for him out of astonishment as well as disappointment. But his life and career both turned out to be a home run.

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David Justice Personal Life

David Justice was born on 14th April 1966 in Cincinnati, Ohio. He started playing professional baseball when he was only 23 years old. He used to play basketball in his school days and even broke the record of scoring for the school. Later he got a scholarship at Thomas Moore College and pursued Criminal Justice. During his playing career, he was named among “50 Most Beautiful People” by the People’s Magazine.

David Justice

David Justice with his family

In 1992, David Justice married Halle Berry. They were in a relationship for a few years. She was once the highest-paid actress in Hollywood with an Academy Award in her name. They were married for a few years. Eventually, they got separated in 1997 and went separate ways. A few years later, in 2001, he married Rebecca Villalobos, who was the Chief Executive Officer of the company, Exotic Spices Calendars. The two have been together since and have three children. David Justice and his wife were even featured in a show called “Celebrity Wife Swap”. Over there, his wife revealed her interest in acting.

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