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David Dobrik Net Worth: How Much Does The Youtube Star Earn?

David Dobrik Net Worth
David Dobrik

The famous YouTuber David Dobrik has been making the headlines as a sexual abuser. And these allegations have affected David Dobrik’s net worth. The youtube had a flourishing career until he got himself stuck in the allegations. David uploaded his first Vine in 3013. He collaborated on Vines with other popular Viners such as Jason Nash, Gabbie Hanna, Liza Koshy, and Zane & Heath. Before beginning his own YouTube channel, David was part of the YouTube group Second Class. Dobrik began his personal YouTube channel, David Dobrik. Since its beginning, videos on this channel have been parody vlogs based on real-life situations and semi-scripted bits, highlighting many of his former Vine contributors. David built his second channel, David Dobrik Too, where he posts blooper reels, challenge videos, and more direct sponsor deals.

In 2019, David made his place in the W magazine, with others, to create a separate Instagram account devoted to their photos taken with movies or disposable cameras. David was also appointed as a judge in a musical competition on Nickelodeon titled America’s Most Musical Family. He worked with some famous casts, Debbie Gibson and Ciara. He hit the stoplight so early that in 2019 he was featured by Variety Magazine in their annual “Power of Young Hollywood” list. David was the co-host of the 2019 Teen Choice Awards. He also competed in the first and foremost Kids’ Choice Sports Championship.

David Dobrik Net Worth

David Dobrik Owns A Tesla And A 2 Million Dollar House. (Credits: Youtube)

He was one of the most successful YouTubers, but rape allegations are threatening his career. He has lost a great number of followers because of his reputation.

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David Dobrik’s Career On Sleek

In 2019 People Magazine named David Sexiest Heartthrob. He was one of the runner’s ups, including Shawn Mendes and Harry Styles. David’s career was sleek. Because Harry and Shawn ripped their vocal cords out to reach this position for years, but he reached here at a very early stage in his career.

David was one of the presenters at the American Music Awards of 2019. He was also a guest judge in the first episode of the ninth season of Chopper Junior. In December 2019, David was named on Youtube Rewind 2019 as the fifth-most-viewed creator that year, with 2.4 billion views. In 2020, David launched the mobile camera app Dispo. The app has exceeded over a million downloads and also arrived briefly at the top of the list for most common free apps on Apple’s App Store, meeting ahead of Instagram and Disney+ as well as earning a spot on Apple’s curated “Apps We Love Right Now” list.

David Dobrik’s Rape Alligations

However, David was not involved in the rape allegations, but his Vlog Scoot was. David posted a video from that day that was deleted later. In the video, it was seen that David invited some minors to a party where alcohol was present. And Dom, a person from David Vlog Squad, asked one of the girls to sleep with him. To which they said no. But after offering them drinks and persuing them, Dom took three girls to the room.

After which, David and other people walk into the room where Dom and the other girls were. They started peeping and filming. In the video, one person says that “He is aroused just listening to all those.” Those girls were minors. They were not supposed to drink, but they were drunk, and they were in the wrong hands. Those girls pressed charges against Dom and all the people who were present there. If she says No. She can’t say yes. It’s a simple logic guy should understand.

Recently David’s former fan confronted David in front of a hotel. Asking him who gave underaged girls alcohol. To which David replied as “You were not that night. You didn’t know what happened.”

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David Dobrik Net Worth

David Dobrik holds a net worth of 15 million dollars. There is no doubt that David has achieved many things in his life in a very short duration of time. But he managed to have a hefty net worth. The Youtuber owns a Tesla and lives in a 2 million dollar house. He earns a chuck of millions by commercial work and endorsements. He has earned 1.5 million dollars from Youtube.

However, after being linked to an active investigation of a rape case, his fans following and subscribing have decreased. Earlier, he used to make around 80,000 thousand dollars a month from Youtube. But now his revenue dropped to 20 hundred dollars. Even if he is not guilty, he was a partner in the crime. And that is not cool.

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