Dave Bautista To Headliner Zack Snyder’s New Movie

Dave Bautista made his name in WWE where The Animal won various major championships. He is going to headline WrestleMania in the coming days to battle his former friend Triple H. This match is receiving a lot of hype. The rumours came out recently that Dave Bautista is going to headline the new movie of Zack Snyder.

The name of the movie was not confirmed but you all will be happy to know that he could be the lead in the zombie genre movie of Zack Snyder known as the Army of Dead. This movie is going to mark the return of Zack Snyder into the genre of zombie-themed movies.

Dave Bautista seems to be a man in demand these days he might show up again in Avengers Endgame and will surely be a part of Guardians of the Galaxy part 3. In addition to these, he will be headlining WWE WrestleMania which I already mentioned and will be appearing in movies like Stuber, My Spy and even will be staring in the remake of popular movie Dune.

Army of Dead is going to be a Netflix Original movie and will be coming out next year, that is in 2020. The release date is yet to be officially confirmed for this movie. The small plot of the movie is out and now let me share that with you all:

This adventurous horror movie is set in Las Vegas where from out of nowhere zombies have emerged.

Dave Bautista Zack Snyder

So, in order to deal with this humongous problem, a man steps up and gathers a group of mercenaries in order to deal with this zombie problem. They will infiltrate the zombie zone in order to get rid of them once in for all.

In my opinion, Dave Bautista is going to play the character of the guy who rallies the group of mercenaries in the plot, or he could well end up being the leader of zombies as nothing can be said for certain thus far as the details about the movie are secretly being kept under the tight, opaque curtains. Zack Snyder was involved with Batman vs. Superman movie which was a great dark movie, and I think that he makes dark movies better than any other genre.

So, we all should look forward to this movie Army of Dead because I know that Mr. Zack Snyder is going to be a tremendous job with this zombie story. Dave Bautista has now seemingly made his strides in Hollywood film industry thanks to his role in Guardians of the Galaxy movie.

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