Date A Live IV Episode 6 Release Date: Will Shidou And Mukuro Kiss?

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Date a Live IV Episode 6 Release Date - Mukuro and Shido and tooka
Date a Live IV Episode 6 Release Date details

To free others of their evil nature, one must first learn to forgive himself. Although Episode 5 of Date a Live Season 4 anime felt more like a canon Episode, it had a whole western fairytale-themed vibe to it. But nonetheless, Episode 5 had its moments with characters, and we got to see Shidou in a new resolve. Let’s talk about the Date a Live IV Episode 6 Release Date. We’ll also talk about all the related theories regarding the next Episode and Shidou’s next step.

Date A Live anime is adapted from the Light Novel of the same name, written by Koushi Tachibana. The story follows Shidou, who saves the world by reducing the threat of disastrous spacial quakes. He does this by nullifying the Powers of Certain Powerful Spirits, who are responsible for these Spacial Quakes. The method he uses to seal their power is by going on a date with them. And concluding the task by giving them a passionate kiss, which in turn will seal their powers and indirectly save the earth. Here are all the details regarding the Date a Live IV Episode 6 Release Date.

Date A Live Season 4 Episode 5 Recap

Episode 5 starts with Shidou suddenly waking up, looking like a pig in a straw house. Then suddenly, a wolf chases him. During the chase, he ends up in a house. In that house, he meets Yoshina, who is strangely in the attire of the Little Red Riding hood story character. While they were talking, the wolf attacked them, and they both are then saved by Nia and Tooka. Nia was a character in her own fictional manga. Later we see Kotori and the Yamai sisters. Apparently, Kotori was the Little match girl, while the sisters were Hansel and Gretel of The Chocolate Cottage. The three of them talk over about how to meet with other and get out of this world.

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Date a Live IV Episode 6 Release Date - Shidou and Spirits
Shidou and others ran away from the guard of the castle

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And during their conversation, they overhear other people saying that a Mermaid is caught, which murmurs darling. Deciding that it must be one of the angels, they head towards the big castle, in which the mermaid will be shown to the public. At the castle gate, Kotori and the Yamai Sisters come across Shidou and others. They plan to go inside the castle, but the guard doesn’t allow them, as their attires were not elegant. Then suddenly, Natsumi comes out of a carriage dressed like a Cinderella. And asks the guard to permit her friends to enter. But the clock turns midnight and her secret is revealed, to which the guard attacks them.

Date a Live IV Episode 6 Release Date - Cute Spirits
Everyone in the castle

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Having no other way to enter the castle, Kotori tries to transform everyone into a beautiful princess with the power of her matchstick. The plan worked, and all of them got into the castle. In the castle, they meet The Mermaid and Emperor, which are apparently Miku and Tobiichi. While all of them searched for various ways to get out of this world, they knew that this world was mixed with all other fairy tale stories. So inside one of them, stories must be a hero to save them and help them return to their world. In the end, the hero that comes to save them is Shidou’s other version, which came from the manga story they drew. He opens a portal for them to go to their own world.

Date a Live IV Episode 6 Release Date - Shidou saving Spirits
Another Shidou saving everyone

What Will Happen In Date A Live Season 4 Episode 6?

Episode 6 of Date A Live anime is titled “An Opened Heart”. The preview of Episode 6 at the end of episode 5 showed us how there would be a battle showdown between spirit angels and Ellen. It will also focus on how Shidou will save Mukuro Spirit and what destiny awaits them. Will Shidou be able to open the heart of Mukuro, or will she be lost forever in her own darkness? Well, let’s find out in the next episode.

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Preview of Episode 6

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Date A Live Season 4 Episode 6 Release Date

Date A Live Season 4 Episode 6 will release on 13th April at 10:00 P.M. (JST Zone).

  • IST Zone Timings – 13th April at 6:30 P.M
  • EST Zone Timings – 13th April at 9:00 A.M

Watch Date A Live Season 4 Episode 6 Online – Streaming Details

You can stream all the previous episodes and new upcoming Episode 6 of Date A Live Season 4 anime on Crunchyroll.

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