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The Dark Truth About Universe 11 Pride Troopers’ Justice – Dragon Ball Super

Universe 11’s Pride Troopers are the best warriors of their universe. With justice on their hands, they walk with confidence in the Tournament of Power arena. Parading “justice” in their fights, they destroy evil with their coordination. But when they are facing a desperate moment, they will show their true colors. Is the Pride Troopers only a facade?

The thing about Pride Troopers is that they claim to fight for justice. But it is a recurring theme in the Tournament of Power that two members of the Pride Troopers will gang up to fight a warrior. An example is when Tupper and Zoiray formed a team that placed Goku in a hard position. Fortunately, Android 18 helped him get out.

The next example is the worst of all their dirty tricks. The picture below is when they ganged up against the injured Caulifla and imprisoned Kale. The tournament is a battle royale, tag teams expected. But depriving Caulifla and Kale to get help from their teammates is downright a dirty play. It creates a contrasting shade for their name.

The most striking characteristics of the Pride Trooper is their overconfidence. But unlike Goku, the Pride Tropers only think that their “justice” is the right justice. They view every person that doesn’t share their perspectives as “evil.” And the only way to prevent evil is elimination. In a sense, it fits more if their God of Destruction is Yagami Light.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 103 Goku and Gohan
Gohan and Goku – Dragon Ball Super

And as if an evidence for their facade, Toppo said that they are done playing hero. Only Jiren and Toppo have full stamina. Things will get harder for Universe 11’s survival. Even if they have Toppo and Jiren, they can’t ignore that Universe 6 and 7 have 18 warriors left. To win the tournament, they need to eliminate all warriors. If they don’t do that, they will lose through numbers.

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