Dark Phoenix Trailer Launched And It Looks Amazing

The last movie of the X-Men series is set to be the Dark Phoenix. This movie will be set after the events of X-Men Apocalypse. Sophie Turner is going to play the Dark Phoenix’s role in this movie. It is one of the most beloved stories of the X-Men universe and Sophie Turner has realized that courtesy of the director Simon Kinberg.

She mentioned that they would go out on lunches and Simon would continuously try to make her understand the importance of her role in the movie. The trailer that was released has turned heads as it is entirely just spectacular. Simon Kinberg has mentioned the visual effects of the film are way superior to any other X-Men movie in the past. Thus it is quite literally going to be legendary.

The plot of the movie is simple, X-Men travel into space in order to rescue some astronauts. During this mission, Jean Grey gets hit by a cosmic force which gives her infinity powers and easily makes her the most powerful mutant alive. But unfortunately, she goes on a rampage and feels good by doing so. Thus, she has become a truly destructive power and thus needs to be stopped. But the X-Men just can’t find a way to do so as she is way more powerful than them.

So, the story will revolve around how X-Men stop Jean Grey from destroying everything and killing them. The trailer has made it clear that there will be endless action in the movie.

X-Men Dark Phoenix

The writer and director of the movie are only Simon Kinberg. Hans Zimmer is providing the music for the movie. The editor of the movie is Lee Smith. X-Men Dark Phoenix will be distributed by Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures.

There have been some rumours around that the release date of the movie might be delayed a bit due to some delayed shoots but Simon Kinberg is confident that the movie is going to release right on time. Based on Stan Lee and Jack Kirby’s X-Men, Dark Phoenix promises to be the best ever movie made by the franchise thus far.

X-Men Dark Phoenix is set to release on 07 June 2019. All the X-Men fans are super excited for this movie and even other segments of audiences await the release of this movie because of maybe the all exciting and awesome trailer of the movie. Do share your thoughts about this upcoming X-Men movie with us in the comments section below.

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