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Dark Phoenix Ending Explained: The Game Of Chess Between Xavier & Magneto

Dark Phoenix Ending Explained
Jean Grey, The Dark Phoenix

Dark Phoenix is the final principal installment of the world-famous X-men Film series. There are thirteen chapters (including New Mutants 2020) of the Marvel X-Men Comic Characters. Written & Directed by Simon Kinberg, X-Men DP got released on June 7, 2019. Dark Phoenix is the name given to the mighty Jean Grey(Sophie Turner) once she becomes the antagonist. The American Superhero film is the aftermath of X-Men: Apocalypse. In the article, we shall talk more about the Phoenix and discuss the final game of chess, Dark Phoenix Ending Explained. 

The film got made for many reasons. Factors explain that it is the continuation of the Dark Phoenix Saga(X-Men MCU.) Some reasoning is also there behind the retribution of Simon Kinberg’s past failures. Like his past attempts in The Last Stand (2006) and Days of Future Past (2014). But the real reason behind the creation of Dark Phoenix is Stan Lee. Stan Lee had passed away in 2018. Dark Phoenix is a memorial dedicated to the great man.

Kinberg has received many mixed reviews from the co-writers and screenplay writers for Dark Phoenix. With a budget of $200 Million, the movie could only make a profit of $52 Million. X-men: DP also lost $133 Million for its heavy marketing and distribution cost. Walt Disney Studios does not come at a low price after all. Produced by 20th Century Fox, the running time of the film is only 114 mins. The film mostly talks about the antagonist, Jean Grey. Her emotions turn her into a deadly supervillain. The game of chess between Magneto & Xavier is one to talk about! So let’s cover the finale of Dark Phoenix Ending Explained.

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Dark Phoenix Ending Explained

The Dark Phoenix

Plot Summarized: All You Need To Know About X-Men 2019

Back in 1975, Jean lost her parents in a terrible car crash. After getting orphaned, Charles Xavier takes her to his academy. He promises to teach Jean how to use her powers for the greater good. On a mission in 1992, Jean protects her team after getting struck by a huge energy wave. Her emotional state starts worsening and, Raven blames Professor-X for putting X-Men in jeopardy. Xavier puts mental blocks inside Jean’s mind to contain her trauma. Jean runs away to the site where her parents died in the crash. Grey remembers everything and is now unable to control her emotions. She blames herself for the accident (telepathic cause.) Jean completely loses control over her body now. The X-Men arrive and try to stop her, but they fail. Jean, unfortunately, kills Raven in the process. 

Hank blames Charles for being the reason for Raven’s demise. Jean goes to the Island of Genosha to get help. The island is another Mutant academy run by Erik Lehnsherr(Magneto.) Jean asks for Magneto’s assistance, and he agrees. The US Military arrives at that island, asking for Jean to surrender. Jean attacks the Military, but Magneto manages to stop her. Eric furiously banishes her from his island.

Vuk, a shape-shifting alien, gets her hand on Jean. She educates Jean of her deadly powers and offers to help her in controlling them. Kurt Wagner teleports the X-Men to New York to save her (Did she need it!?) Magneto fights the Dark Phoenix and gets defeated with ease. Professor confronts the phoenix within his mind and tries to convince her that they are a family. Jean unleashes her energy upon Vuk and vanishes in the form of a Phoenix.

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Dark Phoenix Ending Explained: What Happens In The Game Of Chess; Does Jean aka Phoenix Survive?

In The Above Image, you can see Professor X (not McAvoy) and Eric. The Chess Scenes in X-Men is something that has to happen! So it doesn’t matter if it’s Patrick Stewart or James McAvoy

In the final scenes, Professor X’s academy gets renamed in the memory of Jean. The name is Jean Grey School for the Gifted Young ones. Charles retires, and Hank takes over his position. So Professor X and Magneto sit down for a game of chess in Paris. Every move which the two masterminds play represents their motives against humans and mutants. The two have been sharing an awkward friendship over the years. These two dangerous mutants need only move to make, to destroy the world. 

In the final scenes, a Phoenix appears and flies over them. It marks the survival of Jean Grey, The Dark Phoenix. Yes, Jean is alive. At least her spirit is very much alive! The chess scene of Dark Phoenix concludes the end of the X-Men Franchise. The reboots might get updated like the 2020 one. But overall, the franchise is complete, Dark Phoenix Ending Explained.

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