How Will Sooha React In ‘Dark Moon: The Blood Altar’ Episode 3?

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"Dark Moon: The Blood Altar" Episode 3
"Dark Moon: The Blood Altar"

With two episodes in, ENHYPEN’s original webtoon “Dark Moon: The Blood Altar” is already out, and Engenes are waiting for episode 3 already. We’ve gone through a bit of the backstory of Sooha. How the little girl has some powers, but they have done no good to her. After being outcasted for years in the village, she finally got a best friend named Chris. She was happy and even used her powers to save him. But one day, Chris was found dead with two holes in his neck and sucked out dry. While the whole village put blame on Sooha and called her a vampire. The girl had lost the only person who trusted her i.e. her best friend.

After all her hard work, Sooha finally got a chance to study at Decelis Academy. Known as one of the best high schools in the region. Decelis Academy has a strict entrance policy so that no vampire can enter the school and terrorize the students. Because of no vacancy in the new dormitory, Sooha had to move into a room at the old building. While her teacher apologized for the room being isolated in the corner, Sooha was actually happy for the location. Knowing that she has nothing to worry about now as she’s already inside and has her own room, she happily cleaned the room. But as she used her powers to pick the bed up to clean, she was met by the guy she ran into the hallway with.

"Dark Moon: The Blood Altar" Episode 3
A still from “Dark Moon: The Blood Altar”

“Dark Moon” Recap: The Awkard Conversations…

As she stared at him in shock and embarrassment, the boy told her that he forgot his book there. But the only thing Sooha could make out was that she’s not a vampire. As the boy told her that he trusts her, the two got to talking. Sooha sighed in relief, telling him about all the times she’s been mistaken as a vampire. She told him how excited she got when she transferred here. And how much she hates vampires. Asking him about his book, Sooha also told him that she likes to read too. Asking him if she could read the book, the two bid byes to each other. But as soon as he left, Sooha fell in regret for not asking him his name.

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Not a second later, the boy came back into her room, asking for her name. And introduced himself as Heli and asked her if they could be friends. Going back to the hallway as the sun was setting and their classes were about to start, Heli’s friends called him. As Jino called out Heli’s name, Shino came over to talk too. Heli told them about his meeting with the new girl. And how she’s assigned the old room they used to hang out at. While Jino worried about their place being gone, Heli suggested that they could befriend her and hang out with her too. But as the three boys were talking, Solon came from behind, asking them why would they want to be friends with a human.

"Dark Moon: The Blood Altar" Episode 3
A still from “Dark Moon: The Blood Altar”

“Dark Moon: The Blood Altar” Episode 3 Release Date & What To Expect?

“Dark Moon: The Blood Altar” Episode 3 will release on January 30, 2022. As the boys talked, Solon told them not to hang out with other students as they can get in trouble because of that. But Heli went on to tell them that he felt drawn to Sooha. Telling them that there was something different about her when they met. And that he has already asked her to be a friend, Shino teased Heli if has feelings for Sooha already. While one of them questioned if Sooha is one of them, Solon went on to deny it, saying that there’s no one of their kind except them. Interrupting Heli, Solon told the boys to stay away from the new girl. But unfortunately, the new girl Sooha was standing just behind Solon as he said that.

Where To Read?

“Dark Moon: The Blood Altar” episode 3 will be available to read on platforms like Webtoon and Wattpad.

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