Danni Menzies’ Partner: Who Is The Famous TV Presenter Dating In 2021?

danni menzies' partner
Danni Menzies. Cr. The Sunday Post

Fans have been speculating who Danni Menzies’ Partner is for a while now. People of the UK love to watch the famous TV Presenter on A Place In The Sun and now want to know what her life is like behind the cameras! Menzies is presently pursuing her career in the entertainment industry in London. She has also worked as a model during London Fashion Week. Danni appears on TV quite a lot, she co-hosts Town and Country. She is the brand ambassador and represents The Mayhew and other products of popular brands. Danni has worked as a presenter for companies like Couture Management and BBC.

Danni completed her schooling at Strathallan School in Forgandenny from 2003 to 2005. After that, she attended Loughborough University in England where her academic majors were Textile Design and Applied Arts. Like any other celebrity, the public eye is mostly on her personal life, in particular, her love life. We are here to give you some answers. Let’s dive in, shall we?

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Danni Menzies’ Partner

Danni Menzies’ fans are always curious about her relationship status because she is mysterious about it. She is currently single, as of 2021. Although her love life is not so public, Danni Menzies’ last known partner was a war hero Simon Moloney for a few months. Both of them were sent on a blind date by their friends. Simon and Danni were even isolated together during the coronavirus outbreak. They spent ten months together before parting ways in August 2020.

danni menzies' partner
Danni Menzies. Cr. Hello Magazine

Danni confessed her friends made fun of her that Simon would not put up with her for more than ten weeks. She said she gets tired of boys very soon and dating someone for ten weeks is a lot for her right now. Danni candidly said she is not sure if she even wants children when she was asked about her future plans regarding relationships. She enjoys traveling a lot and wants to work extensively.

Who Is Simon Moloney?

Simon is a brave former army sharpshooter. He amazingly survived being shot in the neck and continued fighting for 90 minutes. Simon’s seniors were convinced he was about to die after a bullet struck him in the throat during a combat fight in Afghanistan. Simon explained how he was prepared for death until a medic stopped the bleeding and stabilized him.

Simon was back on his feet in minutes. He fought the Taliban in the sweltering heat of 40°C! Simon pinned down enemy snipers and assisted in the rescue of his comrades. No doubt he is known as a ‘war hero’! The doctor who performed surgery on Simon described how lucky of a human being Simon is. His key arteries and airways were missed by centimeters. Can you guess what the odds of that happening are? Trillion-to-one!

danni menzies' partner
Simon Moloney (right) with Army Medic Lance Corporal Wesley Masters. Cr. Belfast Telegraph

Simon retired from the military in December after ten years of duty at the age of 27. After retiring, he made a shocking but logical decision of selling the awards he earned during his service. He explained he needed a house and that selling the awards would be a logical decision for his future family.

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A Little Dig Into Danni Menzies’ Background

Danni Menzies’ birth date is September 14, 1988. She was born in Kenmore, Scotland. Before her career as a TV presenter bloomed, Danni worked as a model and is a certified horseback rider who used to rescue horses. Danni grew up in an animal-friendly household and cares deeply for animals. She especially loves horses! Her love for them began at the age of six when she began working at a local horse farm to help pay for pony rides. Danni was gifted her first pony on her ninth birthday. She has competed in and won a number of races!

Danni menzies' partner
Danni Menzies

Danni grew up on a farm. She has only one sibling, a sister named Mia Menzies. Danni’s parents converted the family farm into a tourist resort. Even though she has a permanent residency in London, Danni often visits her hometown in Scotland.

Danni Menzie’s Career And Achievements

Menzies worked as a presenter for a variety of corporations, including Fashion TV and Red24 Management. She has worked for Oxygen Models as a model. Danni gave a live presentation for Wella at the Trend Vision 2015 conference where she spent a month in Berlin covering the show. Along with that, Danni was a presenter for BBC Three’s coverage of London Fashion Week. She is known to serve as the host of the Walk for Charity event.

In addition, Christina Rigby and Danni co-founded a dating app. A couple of best friends named the app ‘PitchIt’ and launched it back in 2016.

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