‘Dali And Cocky Prince’ Episode 16: Release Date , Spoilers, and Where to Watch?

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Dali and Cocky Prince Episode 16
Dali and Cocky Prince Korean Drama 2021

Dali and Cocky Prince Episode 16 is releasing soon! We have come so far since the climax is coming closer. Each episode of Dali and Cocky Prince has brought us laughter and sweetness, making our Wednesday and Thursday more special. Sadly, we will bid goodbye soon but, we will also get to watch the happy ending. With the end coming closer, the story will also uncover all secrets, whether it be about Shi Hyung, Gong Joo, or Tae Jin. Fans are thrilled to see Tae Jin’s end since he has tortured our couple so much. 

The upcoming episode will enlighten about what happened on that dreadful night. It is something Da Li will have to face no matter what happens. But we know that Moo Hak will be there for her. The little secret that began in Episode 2 will finally reveal now. It will be the final test for Da Lia and Moo Hak, which they will surely pass. Hopefully, all evils from the drama meet their deserving ends. So that our couple can breathe in relief. Finally, fans are expecting more loving, adorable scenes of our romantic Da Li and Moo Hak. Da Li’s boldness when it comes to Moo Hak is adored by all viewers. Therefore, fans are looking forward to Dali and Cocky Prince Episode 16. 

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Dali And Cocky Prince Episode 16 Release Date

Dali and Cocky Prince Episode 16 will be released on 11 November 2021 at 9.30 pm KST on the KBS2 channel. As we know, the kdrama is scheduled for 16 episodes. The upcoming episode will be the finale of the series, bringing more sweetness and solving the last riddle of the storyline. It will reveal the true mastermind behind Da Li’s father’s death. And eventually give a sweet happy ending for our lovely couple, Da Li and Moo Hak. The last episode will air on Thursday, running for 60min duration. Sadly, it will be the last 60 minutes we will see our cute Da Li and Moo Hak.

Dali and Cocky Prince Episode 16
Lovely scene of Moo Hak and Da Li

Watch Dali And Cocky Prince Korean Drama Ep 16 Online- Streaming Details

South Korean viewers can watch Dali and Cocky Prince Episode 16 on the KBS2 channel at 9.30 pm KST. In case you missed the last episode, you can watch it on Wavve, which is available only in South Korea. International viewers can watch it on Kocowa and Viki since English Subtitles are available on both sites. Also, Viki offers a mobile application for easy access, and it’s free of cost. However, Kocowa streaming is accessible only in South and North America. 

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What To Expect In Dali And Cocky Prince’s Last Episode?

Finally, the drama is near its climax. Fans are curious to watch what kind of ending Dali and Cocky Prince Episode 16 will bring. Besides expecting a happy ending, viewers also want to know the whole truth about what happened that night. Who is to blame? Did Shi Hyung and Tae Jin really do something worst to Da Li’s father? How long will Tae Jin go for his madness? 

Dali and Cocky Prince Episode 16
Dali and Cocky Prince featuring Tae Jin and Da Li

Truth Of Da Li Father’s Death

The previous episodes have already hinted Shi Hyung and Tae Jin are somehow related to Da Li’s father’s death. From the video which Ki Chul recorded, it seems Da Li’s father found about Shi Hyung’s drug consumption and were going to report him. Therefore, there is a high chance that Shi Hyung and Da Li’s father get into a physical fight. Thus, accidentally her father ends up losing his life. At the moment, Tae Jin must have come but, instead of reporting Shi Hyung, he helped him in exchange for Cheongsong Gallery. It’s all fans’ theories. However, it does match with the storyline. Or maybe Tae Jin did something to Da Li’s father. Which is unlike to happen. Therefore, Dali and Cocky Prince Episode 16 will reveal all cards. 

Tae Jin’s Crime List 

It seems Tae Jin’s crime list is getting longer and longer. First, it is all about his corruption plan and manipulation to acquire Cheongsong Gallery. Secondly, he created many obstacles for Da Li. So she could give up on Cheongsong and come back to him. His obsession with Da Li knows no limit. He is ready to go to any length for her, and we have seen a glimpse of it in Episode 12. Lastly, there will be no turning back for him if he is behind Da Li’s father’s death which is yet to be revealed. Therefore, the last episode will show how Tae Jin pays off his crimes. It is one of the anticipated plotlines many viewers are interested to know. 

Happy Ending For Da Li And Moo Hak

Lastly, fans want a sweet lovely happy ending for our well-deserved Da Li and Moo Hak. From the beginning till now, the couple has gone through so many ups and downs. Yet they stuck to each other like glue. Even before they dated, the two helped each other, became each other’s supporters. Da Li and Moo Hak have shown how the couple can overcome any problems as long as they trust each other, as long as they love each other. Their chemistry is another charm that makes fans adore them. Thus, Dali and Cocky Prince Episode 16 will show our Da Li and Moo Hak’s happy ending. 

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