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Dad Stop Embarrassing Me: Jamie Fox in a Family Drama?

After a comparatively unsuccessful and dull year 2020, the streaming giant Netflix is going over the board with its content in 2021. The officials have even promised to drop out a new movie every week for the rest of the year and honestly, I have no idea what is better than this. It has just been 4 months but 2021 is already better than last year. Not just films, Netflix is also coming up with some of the most beautifully crafted series that hold the ability to blow the audience’s minds off. Recently, we received shows in February and March such as Bridgerton as well as Ginny and Georgia that just made us feel so good about the new plots. As of right now, the platform is working on yet another series that is not far from its release on the giant. This new show is called Dad Stop Embarrassing Me! and just by the title of it, we are pretty clear that it is going to be amazing.

The show is going to feature Jamie Foxx touching back his acting roots and impressing all the fans with his skills through just a trailer that has been provided to us. We have linked the official clip by Netflix giving us a powerful insight into what this show might actually be about, in this article. Now, as for the show, it has been inspired by the real relationship shared between Jamie as well as his daughter, that is, Corinne Foxx. We all know how teenagers like to do things in their own way and do not want to be intruded on. Jamie is also the executive producer of Dad Stop Embarrassing Me! and obviously, his fans are all very excited to view the new show rock on the platform.

Dad Stop Embarrassing Me! Release date

A still from Dad Stop Embarrassing Me!

Dad Stop Embarrassing Me! – Plot

Now, you might be wondering what will the story of Dad Stop Embarrassing Me! is going to. Here, we have deduced what we think that the plot might be and it is in no way an official synopsis. So, by the looks of the title, it is sure that we are going to have all the focus on Jamie Foxx doing the part of a father in this series. The camera will follow his relationship with his daughter who is a teenager. We will see them bond on-screen while giving us loads and loads of relatable family content as well as dialogues to laugh about. According to the trailer, their relationship is quite special as Jamie is trying to bond with her daughter after her mother is gone. He even lets her convince him to do yoga lessons even though he did not want to do it in the first place.

Their connection grows even stronger with the side cast present, such as Brian’s dad as well as his sister, and they all going to the church while Sasha is being smart and iconic. At one point, Jamie is seen getting overprotective when he tells Sasha how she can not talk to boys or he is going to whoop them. To this, obviously, Sasha has a negative comeback and she argues how she is going to talk to boys because she is a teenager. All in all, Dad stop Embarrassing Me! is a humorous take on the regular lives of families like us and makes up for a nice evening watch. Netflix has really done a great job with this series and served us with the best form of comedy and family drama.

Dad Stop Embarrassing Me! Release date and Cast

Now, after reading so much hype about the show, you all must be wondering when is it going to drop out. So, Dad Stop Embarrassing Me! is going to release on the 14th of April 2021 on Netflix. The first season of the show has 8 episodes and it is going to drop out all at once on the platform at 8 am in the morning. As for the cast, we have Jamie Foxx reprising the role of Brian Dixon. Then Kyla Drew enacts the character of Sasha Dixon. David Alam Grier does the part of Pops Dixon. Porscha Coleman reprises the role of Chelsea Dixon. Jonathan Kite enacts the character of Johnny Williams. Heather Hemmens does the part of Stacy Collins. Valente Rodriguez reprises the role of Manny.

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