Preview: D_Cide Traumerei The Animation Episode 3

D_Cide Traumerei The Animation
D_Cide Traumerei The Animation

Ryuhei is a young boy in the human world who got teleported into a monstrous world during his sleep. The boy had no clue that everything is accurate and thought that it is a dream. Ryuhei finds that it is true after a portal from another world opens, and the monsters arrive in the real world. Aruto and Jessica taught Ryuhei how to fight, and he gained new power and realizes that he is one of the chosen ones. Let’s find more about Ryuhei and the rest of the chosen ones in D_Cide Traumerei The Animation.

Ryuhei met with Aruto and Jesica, asking about the mark, and Jesica had no clues where to begin. Aruto summons a flying girl, and Ryuhei wonders what this creature is. The girl reveals that she is Tris, a messenger of God who protects the balance and order of the universe. Ryuhei is surprised that a little flying girl is the messenger of God. Tris talked about the mark that Ryuhei is curious about; the pattern appears on anyone who makes a wish to the Weird. Rhyuhei wonders what Tris is saying.

Tris comments that the Wierd is those monsters from before. They got sealed ages ago, but some people are trying to bring them back. The mark on their forehead has something to do with those people who want to revive the beasts. Ryuhei gets furious after realizing that evil creatures have been roaming around this world. Tris said they are fighting to stop the Weird’s revival. Ryuhei knows that he is with two partners, but he doesn’t know their names. The first one said he is Aruto Fushibe, and the girl said she is Jessica Clayborn.

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Ryuhei told the messenger of God and the chosen ones that they can explain everything since he is not caring about anything. Ryuhei insists on knowing the guys with those symbols. Tris replies that they don’t know much about them, and Jessica adds that they know few things. Jessica talked about something that raged with young people linked to the Weird. Ryuhei wonders what that thing linked to Wierd. The next day in school, Ryuhei spoke with his friends about Somnium Drop.

Rena and Murase wonder where Ryuhei learned that and asks him. Ryuhei comments that he can’t believe that the slackers don’t know anything about Somnium Drop. The two get angry that he is calling them slackers. Ryuhei said it shows them good dreams, and Murase talked about shady drugs and wonders if that affects people. Rena told the two that she had a dream and saw an orange light in the city center. She asks the two if they saw that one, and Ryuhei realize that she is talking about the portal.

D_Cide Traumerei The Animation
D_Cide Traumerei The Animation

The Messenger of God

Murase wonders if Rena is hallucinating things, and Rena replies that it was real. They talked about the monsters, and Ryuhei said that Rena saw a mirror. The two keep on making noise, and one of the students gets out and tells them to keep it down. Rena apologizes to Ibusaki, who said some people need peace and rest. Ibusaki went back to her class, and Ryuhei comments that Ibusaki is always so intimidating and scary. Later Ibusaki arrives home and finds her father waiting for her and wonders how he got home first.

Her father asks her where she has been since she arrived late and after him. Ibusaki apologized and said he was at the bookstore looking at the study guides. Ibusaki told her not to come home late, and one slip-up by a relative can ruin her career. She told her father that she would be careful, and the father told her that he would have diner with the police commissioner on Sunday, and he wants her to join him. Ibusaki agrees, and her father said to her that the police commissioner’s son would join them and Ibusaki will marry him one day.

Her mother tries to reason with her father that Ibusaki is still a teenager. Ibusaki agrees after noticing that her mother will get beaten. After a week, Ibusaki stood up and came home dressing up as a prostitute, and she was late. The father gets furious, and she gives him a fitting reply. Ibusaki told her mother that if she wants a divorce, they can for it, and the father said he wouldn’t sign the papers. Ibusaki threatens her father not to abuse her mother, and he accepts.

D_Cide Traumerei The Animation Episode 3 Release Date

D_Cide Traumerei The Animation Episode 3 release date is 24 July 2021. You can watch D_Cide Traumerei The Animation online on ANIPLUS.; you can also look at D_Cide Traumerei The Animation Episode 2: Preview And Recap.