Cute Programmer: How to Watch the Drama Online?

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Cute Programmer: Where to Watch the Drama Online?
Cute Programmer

Cute Programmer is a C-drama featuring the genres of business, comedy, romance, and drama. “The Programmer Is So Cute” and “Cheng Xu Yuan Na Me Ke Ai” are the other names of the drama series. Since its release, the drama has been one of the popular ones on the list, and if you haven’t, then you definitely need it on your watchlist. The show has attracted global attention with its engaging plot point and powerful cast performance, and many out there have ended up loving the show to its roots. It was highly praised both by its critics and, of course, the audience.

The show’s original distributor is Tencent Video, and it is directed by Qiang Wu. It has received a constant number of positive reviews and ratings since its first episode release. Another interesting point is that the show is an adaptation of manhua titled “No Programmer Can Be So Cute” by Tianyi Icartoon and Vitality Studio. The show’s plot narrates the story of a genius programmer named Jiang Yi Cheng and Lu Li, who considers Yi Cheng as her role model and is also in love with him.

We are here to tell you everything about the show and figure out all the needed details you need to know for streaming it online. So, let’s have a brief look inside.

Watch Cute Programmer – Streaming Details

You can stream Cute Programmer online on platforms like WeTv for free and with a subscription to Tencent Video. Both the platforms have the show available with subtitles. The series has a total number of 30 episodes with a running duration of 45 minutes each. You can get started with Tencent Video by registering into the app with a China-registered phone number, QQ number, or by logging with your WeChat account. There are two kinds of Tencent QQ memberships inside:

  • QQ VIP/SVIP: This membership covers 80% of all the special benefits of the platform like level boosting, colorful bubbles chatbox, supergroups, etc.
  • Yellow Diamond Noble: It is for QZone users and offers benefits like games, life, and four VIP services.
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You can check your QQ number by logging into your QQ account and clicking on the avatar. Your QQ number will be displayed right under your nickname.

Cute Programmer: Where to Watch the Drama Online?
Cute Programmer

On September 10, 2021, the show was officially released and was a hot topic all over the internet. With its engaging plot and fantastic cast, it didn’t take long for it to become one of the popular ones out there. Following the first episode, the next episodes were released on Tencent Video three days a week i.e., on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

Moreover, all the 30 episodes of the show are equally praised by the audience; and have received a consistent amount of viewership and many positive reviews.

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Cute Programmer Episode 29: Cast and Plot

The cast of the show and their powerful screen presence was something that attracted many. They were highly praised all around the internet, and people loved them.

The role of Jiang Yi Cheng can be seen played by Xing Chao Lin, Bambi Zhu as Lu Li, next Yi Da Qian in the role of Chen Yi Ming, then we see Guan Xin playing the character of Gu Xiao Qi, Tian Yi Tong playing Jiang Zi Tong, and Li man played by Joe Sheng.

Altogether, the whole cast provided us with the most satisfying screen time with their fine acting skills and great character grasp.

Cute Programmer: Where to Watch the Drama Online?
Cute Programmer

The plot of Cute Programmer narrates the story of Jiang Yi Cheng and Lu Li. Yi Cheng is considered a brilliant role model by Lu Li. She gets good grades in school and is given the biggest shock of her life after her graduation. The shock comes in the form of news that Jiang Yi Cheng’s company doesn’t hire any female employees. To accomplish her dream and also to fill her empty love heart, she decides for the best; and dresses up like a man to get inside.

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Though, balancing both her job responsibilities and her disguised identity is anything but a cakewalk for her.

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