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How To Use Cullen Filter on TikTok? Full Guide

TikTok Cullen Filter
Cullen Filter on TikTok

If you’re a Twi-hard, chances are that you have looked up Cullen Filter TikTok multiple times. Wondering who a Twi-hard is? This is where all fans of the Twilight franchise must gather and hail their favorite movie. Now you have more context as to where the fancy filter gets its name from. If you’re looking for a way to doll up like the Cullens in Twilight, TikTok’s Cullen Filter is just for you! Here’s everything you need to know about using it.

TikTok filters have recently taken the world by storm. People from all age groups have found a dear place for themselves in this app. Different from the likes of Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, TikTok allows you to make entertainment videos and share them with the world. If you have a flair for anything remotely related to video making and Hollywood, TikTok is just the place for you. There are already way too many filters on TikTok, so you might be slightly confused as to how you can go about using the Cullen Filter. Worry not, for we have you covered.

Cullen Filter TikTok

Cullen Filter on TikTok

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How to get the Cullen Filter on TikTok? – Here are all the steps:

Step 1: Before everything else, you need to download TikTok to your phone. If you use Android, you can find the app on Play Store. And, if you’re an Apple iOS user, you can download TikTok from App Store. Unfortunately, you can only use TikTok as a mobile app and not a desktop application.

Step 2: Once you have the app on your phone, you need to create an account. The process is very simple, with clear instructions in the app itself. You just need to fill in a couple of details and verify them before your account is ready.

Step 3: Once you log into the app, at the very bottom of the screen, you will see a ‘+’ (plus) button. You need to click here in order to start making videos.

Step 4: There is a ‘light effects’ button to your left at the very bottom of your screen. You need to select this button.

Step 5: Once you click the button, there will be several options that pop up on your screen. Make sure you keep swiping till the ‘trending’ or ‘moods’ title appears.

Step 6: Now, all you need to do is scroll down to the ‘color selector filter. The Cullen Filter is actually called the ‘Color Selecter’ filter. Here, you will see that your face is all white with a blue and grey background. Right in the middle of your screen, there is there will be a color bar. You can select a color of your choice here.

What is TikTok’s Cullen Filter all about?

While following the above steps is one way to get the Cullen Filter TikTok, there is another, and perhaps an even easier and faster way to do so. You can directly search for the filter at the bottom of your screen using the ‘discover tab’. Once you search for hashtags related to ‘Color Selector’, you need to click the red record button at the bottom of your screen. The filter has automatically been added, and you can start recording at your own time.

Now that we are clear on how the Cullen Filter TikTok actually works, here is what it does and why you need it. For starters, the filter isolates one color in your video and greys everything else. You need to ensure that your room has enough natural light so that a balance is maintained in your video. After all, you wouldn’t want your video to look ‘too bright’ or ‘too dark’ right?

How To Get The Cullen Filter on TikTok

Cullen Filter on TikTok

Last but certainly not least, for some true ‘Twilight’ level aesthetics in your TikTok videos, you can also add sounds to the video! And worry not, you can have both the soundtrack and the ‘color selector’ filter at the same time. This is dream come true for all Twilight fans who have been obsessed with Edward Cullen’s stunning visuals ever since the first movie was released. This could be your one-way ticket to fame as a TikTok star, so make sure you use this opportunity optimally!

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