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Cruel Story Of Office Romance Adds Song Kang, Park Min Young, and Others In Lead Roles

Cruel Story Of Office romance Kdrama
Cruel Story of Office Romance -JTBC new drama announced confirmed cast.

Song Kang and Park Min Young are uniting for a romantic Kdrama. Cruel Story of Office Romance has got its new cast. And we and the fans can’t wait to witness the upcoming JTBC drama. Song Kang is the new favorite of everyone, whether it’s directors, producers, or Kdrama lovers. Moreover, Park Min Young is already the queen of Kdramas. With several hits, we can already see the drama becoming a hit. Many others will join the duo in the show. Other details on the characters of the show have also been dropped by JTBC. So, without any further ado, let’s update you all about the Cruel Story of Office Romance. 

Cruel Story of Office Romance is also known as Meteorological Agency People. The show will display the professional and personal lives of people working at the Korea Meteorological Administration, Korea’s national weather forecast service. Apart from the plot, JTBC has also announced the confirmed cast of the show and their character descriptions.

Cruel Story Of Office romance Kdrama

The lead cast of JTBC’s ‘Cruel Story of Office Romance.’

On June 21, JTBC confirmed that Park Min Young, Song Kang, Girls Day Yura, and Yoon Park will appear in the lead roles. They will play Jin Ha Kyung, Lee Shi Woo, Chae Yoo Jin, and Han Ki Joon, respectively. Know more about them in detail.

Song Kang, Park Min Young, Yura, and Yoon Park To Star In JTBC Drama

Park Min Young will play the ‘outsider’ Jin Ha Kyung. Her character is cold as ice and that’s why she has a few friends at the office. Moreover, she is super intelligent and likes to follow things by the book. She also makes sure to keep her personal and professional life apart. Due to her personality, she is known as the outsider of the office. The actress was last seen in 2020 in ‘When The Weather IS Fine.’

On the other hand, Song Kang will be starring as the free-spirited Lee Shi Woo. Shi Woo always thinks outside the box. He might appear to be clumsy, but he has an IQ of 150 and can achieve anything if he sets his eyes on it. Among all this, all he can focus on is ‘Weather,’ and it is the only thing he cares about. Song Kang is currently starring ‘Nevertheless,’ and has been receiving incredible reviews.

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Yoon Park will play the role of Han Ki Joon. His role is quick-witted, and he has the power to persuade people easily. Due to his silver tongue and handsome face, he is able to get scouted by the spokesperson office after struggling at the beginning of his career. Also, all his life he lived as an A+ student. Hence, he cannot handle failure. Park was last seen in ‘Birthcare Centre.’ Watch it here. 

Lastly, we have Girls Day Yura (Radio Romance), who will play the daily weather reporter Chae Yoo Jin. Chae Yoo Jin joined the job with soaring dreams of breaking news, exciting scoops, and on-site reports. However, she gets cast into the “weather and lifestyle team.” Initially, she did not like her assigned role, but gradually she grew fond of her job.

Cruel Story of Office Romance Release Date, Crew, and More

Unfortunately, ‘Cruel Story of Office Romance’ does not have a release date yet. The show is going to release next year, in 2022. Reportedly, the filming of the show will begin in the summer (Korean Summer, From July to August). The drama will have 16 episodes, and it will telecast on JTBC. Its broadcasting schedule is not decided yet.

Cruel Story Of Office romance Kdrama

Song Kang in Love Alarm (credit: Netflix)

The drama comes from director Cha Young Hoon, who has previously directed “When The Camellia Blooms,” “uncontrollably Fond,” “Are You Human Too?”, and more. Meanwhile, Sun Young will pen down the screenplay. She has previously worked on 2012’s Drama Special Season 3: Like a Miracle. Sun Young is coming back to work after a decade.

Just like the excited fans, even we can’t wait for the drama to come out. However, we will have to wait for almost a year before the show arrives.

In the meantime, watch Song Kang’s Nevertheless here on Netflix. 

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