Criminal Minds Season 14 Episode 8: Release Date, Where to Watch, Spoilers

In this post, we are going to talk about Criminal Minds season 14 episode 8 release date, where to watch, and spoilers. The last episode features a man who had terrible instincts, and he was deliberately hurting a lot of citizens. Initially, he stabbed three citizens, and the team had to investigate the criminal activity. The murderer was killing a citizen every 30 minutes, which led to chaos in the capital city.

Furthermore, the BAU started their investigation, and they first tried to find similarities between the victims. However, there was no similarity between the victims which further complicated the situation. In the end, the team managed to catch the culprit somehow. So, let’s talk more about the next episode ahead!

Criminal Minds Season 14 Episode 8

Criminal Minds Season 14 Episode 8: Ashley

The show is now seven episodes deep into its fourteenth season, and the eighth episode is due this week. The eighth episode of Criminal Mind 14th season is projected to release on 21 November 2018. The show is broadcasted on CBS channel at 10 PM every Wednesday.

Furthermore, Criminal Minds is available on the CBS app too, where viewers can watch the show by entering cable TV subscription details to log in. There are certain online streaming service providers such as Hulu, Roku where viewers can watch Criminal Minds by streaming CBS channel at the discussed timing.

The upcoming episode, which is titled “Ashley,” will feature a case involving double homicide and kidnapping in New Hampshire. The BAU will be called to investigate the crime, and it would be interesting to see how do they solve this case. Moreover, Rossi will be seen making efforts to make his relationship better with Krystal. However, his tries are supposed to backfire or just not the way he would want. Take a look at the trailer below!

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