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Crash Landing On You (2019) Review & Plot Analysis

Reviews of Crash Landing On You
Reviews of Crash Landing On You

Crash Landing On You is a South Korean drama that is also known as “Emergency Love Landing,” “Love’s Crash Landing,” and “Crash Landing of Love.” As the series is still in the race of getting renewed for its second season, we have brought you a review of “Crash Landing On You” season 1. Season 1 of the show was released in two parts. The first part of season 1 came on December 14, 2019, and the second part of season 1 was rolled out on Feb 16, 2020. “Crash Landing On You” is one of the highest rating South Korean Drama in the history of television.

The series was first aired on tvN in South Korea and then, later on, was rolled out on Netflix. Fans were expecting that there would be season 2 of the show as the ending of season 1 left an arc for season 2. But even after a year, there is no update on season 2 of “Crash Landing On You.” Anyways, let us take a glance at the quick epitome of the series.

Here is why you should watch and not watch “Crash Landing On You.”

Synopsis of “Crash Landing On You” season 1

Se-ri is a successful businessperson in Seoul, South Korea, who is nudged by a sudden tornado. This event knocks her out, and she wakes up only to find that her paraglider is stuck on a tree. She finds that she is in a restricted area where South Koreans are prohibited from entering. She fell from the tree wholly to fall in Jeong’s arms. He is the person who ends up giving her shelter. Jeong also plans to send Se-ri back to her home. Even after knowing they are from two different countries, the duo fall in love.

Se-ri’s family, back in South Korea, do not disclose the information of Se-ri’s disappearance, as it may decrease the price of chaebol’s share. The chaos at Se-ri’s family increases and her half brothers start creating a nuisance.

Se-ri and Jeong were happily spending time until Jeong’s fiancé returns. His fiancé, Dan, is the daughter of a wealthy North Korean department store owner. Dan and Jeong are fixed in an arrange marriage even when they have met for few times. The story is then followed by Jeong’s family rival, Cho Cheol-gang, who planned a clean murder of Jeong’s brother, who tried exposing them. The chaos increases when Se-ri and Jeong start coming closer. It not only de-stress his fiancé but also worries his father that their family rivals would use Se-ri as a weapon.

Following the second half, Se-ri s able to return to her home. She surprises her family and takes over the power as her father wishes. Meanwhile, Cheol-gang is convicted, but he manages to escape from custody because of his criminal network. He follows Se-ri to Seoul, where Jeong and his group save her.

The duo finds their happiness but not in their native country. Therefore, the ending was wholesome but quite overwhelming.

Is “Crash Landing On You” worth watching?

“Crash Landing On You” is a very romantic typical drama. You will love it if you are a big fan of romantic movies culture. However, the question arises that one who is not nudged towards romanticism, should that person watch this K-drama? Starting with Son Ye-jin as Yoon Se-ri into South Korea where she accidentally falls into the arms of an army officer (Hyun Bin as Ri Jeong-hyeok) describes the level of how the writer has romanticized everything in this Korean drama. 

The main reason to watch the show is its cast and plot. Hyun Bin and Ye-jin are the life of the show. The pair was also cast in 2018 for “The Negotiation.” The charming Hyun Bin is already famous in Korea and is ruling the hearts of millions of girls. Ye-jin is also a very famous artiste in Korea, and people love to watch her. 

So the question arises whether one should watch it or no.

Why should you stream “Crash Landing On You”?

  1. Two opposite people who fall in love with each other. The touches of laughter, giggles, and comedy are few reasons that make the show engaging. The male lead is an introvert, gauche, silent, and is affected till roots because of family tragedies. Unlike Jeong, Se-ri is gregarious, extroverted, smart, and intelligent. Nothing is more beautiful than seeing them falling in love. 
  2. The main lead is not doubted the oxygen of the show. But the supportive lead has done amazing work. The characters living around the main character will make you laugh at each point. Most importantly, the humor in the is not forced and makes you laugh. The supportive characters help a lot to the duo and put all their efforts into achieving their mission. The supporting pair is parity to that of the leading couple. 
  3. What makes the show romantic is its lovely plot. The show is really clean, and you can even watch it with your family. There is merely any intimate scene, and yet it makes the show beautiful and worth watching. You can binge-watch it on a big screen at your home.
  4. The writers of the show have solely described the lifestyle of South Korea and North Korea. Their culture and family values are similar to all other countries in Asia. The respect towards your parents matters a lot, and this fact has been explained in the series amazingly. 
  5. Moreover, the production and picturization of the series are super fantastic. After watching the series, Korea might even enter into your traveling list. 

Crash landing on you reviews

Why should one not watch “Crash Landing on you”?

Overall, the series has no flaws. But things in the series are super hyped. 

  1. Like Se-ri was living in a country like North Korea, and nobody even checked her passport. This was a limit of hyping things. Fans were all like that the plot is very inspirational and relatable, but it is very overhyped. 
  2. The initial 5-6 episodes are stretched for unnecessary reasons. The writers have at least shown 3 times that Se-ri is trying to fly back to her home. But each time, the guys fail, and they start all over again. This is the most blended part of the synopsis.

Epitome– overall, the series is really good and if you have never watched K-drama yet, then give this show one chance, and it will surely disappoint you.  There are more pros than cons of the show. Apart from some very impractical things, there is nothing negative about the show. We will really proscribe you to watch the show if you want K-drama a chance. 

Team of “Crash Landing On You” season 1

The show was created by Studio Dragon and was written by Park Ji-eun. It is directed by Lee Jung-Hyo and was produced by Studio Dragon. It is also available on Netflix, so you stream the show there for a subscription. The main cast of the show includes Hyun Bin, Lee Chun-Young, Kim Seung-Chan, Son Ye-jin, Seo Ji-hye, and Kim Jung-Hyun. The list of the supportive cast includes Jun Gook-hwan, Ha Seok-jin, Lee, and many more.

Reviews of Crash Landing On You

Will there be any season 2 of “Crash Landing on you”?

Most Korean dramas are always promoted as solo season. Only a few of them have able to make it for season 2. Unlike other Korean seasons, very few have achieved the milestone of the second season. The creators of the Korean Dramas try their best to keep the show short and engaging. That is the technique of Korean creators to keep their audience engaged, and thus they deliver acute content. The same is the case with “Crash Landing On You.” There are very few chances for a show to have a season 2. Neither is there an official trailer nor is there any official announcement of the show’s renewal.

So if you ask what the chance of “Crash Landing On You” getting season two is is, then on a scale of 10, it is just 1. Moreover, season 1 of the show has already justified all of its characters before coming to an end. There is no meaning in dragging the show for the public interest. The creators very creatively wrapped up the show with the perfect ending the show actually deserved.

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Tanya Bhatnagar is an avid viewer of television drama. You will often find her gossiping about Hollywood.

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