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Cowboy Bebop on Netflix: Release Date, Plot & New Visuals

Cowboy Bebop
Cowboy Bebop

Howdy! The Bounty Hunters are going to travel the world in some time! Yes, Cowboy Bebop is coming to Netflix! The franchise enthusiasts had waited for the release date for a long time. The action-thriller was announced back in 2018. Since then, the fans have died waiting to learn about its release date! When we talk about fans, we mean Bebop Freaks, who have followed the franchise since 2000. The Bebop Netizens never get tired of searching the internet, trying to dig out details. They want to know that when will their favorite live-action web series will come out on Netflix.

Now finally, Cowboy Bebop is back with a release date, trailer, and many details! So let’s see whether the Bounty Hunters will keep grabbing criminals or get themselves arrested! The show got adapted from its anime version that was released back in 1998 made by Japan. The anime got directed by Shinichiro Watanabe. The series will also get known as Cowboy Bebop: Knockin’ at Heaven’s Door. It is not Japanese, but an American Science-fiction series. Directed by Andre Nemec, the Web Series contains a variety of actors from different sectors. Written by Christopher Yost, this adaption gives us a lot of expectations! The lead cast includes Mustafa Shakir, John Cho, and Daniella Pineda.

There will be a total of ten episodes in this American remake. Each episode will run for an hour, which means the Cowboy Bebop is a ten-hour-long web series. The production department has done a spectacular job with Marty Adelstein, Michael Katleman, and Josh Appelbaum handling the show. Production Companies of this western comedy are Tomorrow Studios and Sunrise Inc. So let’s check out when will the bounty hunters come on Netflix!

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Netflix Web Series Cowboy Bebop; Release Date

John Cho

Cowboy Bebop Release Date on Netflix

Cowboy Bebop will be released on November 19, Netflix. It is going to be a splendid watch because the anime was released back in 1998. After more than twenty years, when the producers decided to make a remake, fans went haywire. And when they realized that it was not going to be an anime but a live-time web series, patience never got to be an option! What makes the bounty hunters, a group of cherished space quirks, even twenty-three years? The answer is in front of you- the genre. It is an action-thriller but has a lot of black comedy filled in it. The genres keep on changing from Drama to science-fiction to Crime thrillers! This Western TV Series has a lot of excitement and suspense in it.

Right now, we have learned that there is only season ready for the fans. But information is that the producers are working on the second edition. It means Cowboy Bebop will release on the Christmas of 2022. Cowboys, there is one month left for the first season’s premiere. So don’t forget to catch the exclusive premiere that has rocked Netflix. Believe it, there is not much difference, but it has just become better than before! The editing is phenomenal because it takes us back to our 90s. There are tons of entertainment, action, and thrill in it. When you are going to watch the trailer, you will realize what you might expect, Cowboy Bebop! Watch below

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Cowboy Bebop Plot Summarized (In-Brief)

Cowboy Bebop is an action-packed space Western about three bounty hunters. Also known as cowboys, all are trying to outrun their past. The Bebops assemble a team of three cowboys, sick and tired of waiting to fight! Spike Spiegel (John Cho)Jet Black (Mustafa Shakir), and Faye Valentine (Daniella Pineda) form a team of three antic but dangerous bounty hunters. They will take down the galaxy’s most wanted fugitives but for the right price! They can only kick and quip their way out of so many fights before their pasts finally catch up with them! The plot talks about some dark rebels planning to kill every human being on Planet Mars. The villains will use an unidentified Pathogen to make this happen. The Bounty Hunters got to stop them at any cost before their evil plan succeeds! 

This December is going to be a blast for Netflix viewers. It will be an addition to other super hit Web series that will create a lot of buzz on social media. The Bounty Hunters will join the final season of Money Heist, Sex Education, and The Witcher. Not for the first time, and hopefully, not for the last, make way for the cowboys this December!

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