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Cory Booker and RuPaul: How Are They Related To Each Other?

How is Cory and RuPaul related to each other
Credit: RuPaul's Drag Race

Recently in an episode of “RuPaul’s Drag Race,” Cory appeared and called RuPaul his cousin. Fans were shocked and thought that Cory is joking. even now, people are wondering whether Cory and RuPaul are seriously related to each other. Before lending on a conclusion, let us take a brief knowledge of who are these two legends.  Cory Booker is an American politician and also an author. He is a member of the Democratic party and is the first African- American US senator from New Jersey. Booker has worked a lot throughout his regime while he was a senator. During his Senator tenure, he passed major actions such as women’s rights, same-sex marriage, affirmative action, and single-payer healthcare. Booker has worked a lot for the equity of Black Americans. He was a strong supporter of the US army withdrawal from Afghanistan. 

On the other side, RuPaul Charles is a famous American personality. This drag queen is an actor, model, songwriter, and singer. This multitasking personality is known for his reality competition series called “RuPaul’s Drag Race”. Moreover, he has also received eight Emmy Awards. He is one of the most successful drag queens of America. RuPaul has worked in favor of LGBT culture. All his reach to society for LGBT was because of his show “RuPaul’s Drag Race”.  

Now, as we know who they are, let us put some light on the fact–how are they related to each other. Can you imagine that one day you wake up and a random DNA test proves that your neighbor is related to you genetically? But yes, it is possible. Read below to understand the context.  

How is RuPaul and Cory related

Cory Booker and RuPaul: how are they related to each other? 

Recently, Cory appeared on an episode of RuPaul’s show, “RuPaul’s Drag Race”. Cory revealed a shocking fact and referred to RuPaul as his cousin. Everyone thought that he is joking. But, nobody can deny how serious Cory was while he called RuPaul his cousin. It has left their fans to wonder if they are related to each other. Last year, a DNA test revealed that Cory and RuPaul are related to each other if the DNA is rooted deeply. This report is not a rumor and but a verified fact. 

After coming through the news, RuPaul gave very cool comments on it. While RuPaul was in an episode of “Finding Your Roots”, RuPaul said that he finds Cory very sweet. He has always loved Cory’s intellectual. However, he added that every time he sees Cory, it reminds RuPaul of his cousin Yula. Even Cory is also a big fan of RuPaul. He revealed that he loves RuPaul a lot, and even his mom knows about it. Cory further added that he had not got a chance to talk to RuPaul since the time news is out as he was busy. However, he expects a family reunion soon. 

Nevertheless, Cory and RuPaul have already started to form a close kin bond. Cory recently appeared on RuPaul’s show, “RuPaul’s Drag Race”. He was invited to announce the rules of the “Lip Sync Smackdown”. However, he shared this amazing DNA revelation. Cory thanked RuPaul and called him a cousin. Just as he called him cousin, people thought that he is joking. But now we know why Cory called RuPaul his cousin. Cory also visited RuPaul’s newest show. To watch the latest episodes of “RuPaul’s Drag Race” on Friday nights at 8 p.m. EST.  

“Finding Your Roots” controversies. 

There is this one controversy that has spoiled the “Find Your Roots” name. When Ben Affleck appeared in the show six years ago, the show’s creators edited the episode and violated the rule made by PBS. The episode was edited because Ben’s ancestors were found slave-owning. Therefore, the show was afraid of criticism. “Find Your Roots” team fired many staff of their team after PBS instructed them. 

However, the team never revealed Ben’s ancestor’s name. The episode, anyways, was aired. In addition, the show was also halted from its premiere for some time. PS afterward also hired an “independent genealogist” team. 

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