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Corporate Monster Ending Explained: A Metaphor For The World

Corporate Monster Ending
Corporate Monster; a 2019 short film.

“Corporate Monster” is a short film that went unnoticed by many. A visualization of the title, the movie tries to show the face of the world with a metaphor of alien movies. Created by the Irish Director And Writer Ruairí Robinson, “Corporate Monster” is a work of art, trying to show the upcoming reality. Inspired by the world, Robinson tells the tale of a man who obsessively starts to believe that parasitic creatures are controlling the world. But the creatures aren’t from the other world but are one of us. Here is the ending of the Corporate Monster explained! So you can speak up about the things people aren’t really willing to talk about.

The movie came out in 2019 and is available on YouTube to stream. The cast members and the production team have done an amazing job. With Gypsy 83’s, Kett Turton playing Robert and Doctor Who’s Jenna Coleman playing Ellen. And The Kaiju Meat Company handling the visual effects. While a lot of fans think that the movie is like John Carpenter’s movie “They Live,” but with pills instead of sunglasses. A lot of them believe the story should become a full-length movie.

Robert after getting fired from work.

John Turton as Robert

What Happens In The “Corporate Monster”?

The movie starts with Robert sitting in his boss’ cabin as his boss fires him. Robert has been one of the hardworking employees. He finds it hard to believe that his boss is kicking him out. That to be on the grounds of the company not finding him valuable for them. As he says, he has given everything to the company, including not taking any days off in the last two years. His boss dismisses him from his side, saying that it’s the ‘corporate’ that finds him not suitable for the company, not him. Packing his stuff, Roberts leaves the office with no energy to do anything. Facing expulsion from the job does add on the stress that makes his insomnia worse than before. As it starts getting too much, Robert decides to go to a doctor.

He visits a psychiatrist and tells him that he hasn’t been able to sleep for days. And his head starts aching whenever he is near a TV or a computer screen. Concerned, his doctor asks him how long he’s been having the stress and symptoms. To which he replies that the symptoms started a few months ago, but the stress has been for years. He was working his guts off in the office, thinking he would get a promotion. But, he got laid off instead. Finding some familiarity in his release, the doctor prescribes Robert some pills. As the pills are not approved by the FDA, his doctor tells him to not tell about the pills to anyone else. And report back to him a few days about the aftermath of the pills.

Jenna coleman in Corporate monster

Jenna Coleman as Ellen, Robert’s girlfriend.

The Aftermath of The Pills

As Robert starts taking the pill, it doesn’t take much time for the effects of the pills to kick in. As the pill starts to work, Rob starts hallucinating, starting from the TV to on the roads in real life. The people on the TV or in real life start appearing to him as monsters. Finding this strange, he tells that to his girlfriend El. But not understanding what he meant, she tells him to take a walk. As he goes out to take a walk, he sees a ridiculous homeless man screaming they are everywhere and out to feed on us. Looking at him weird, he runs to cross the road. But as he reaches the other road, he sees the monsters from TV in front of him. The monsters with big feeding mouths in posh suits right in front of him, talking to people as nothing happened.

As he moves forwards, he sees more of the. Some eating in restaurants, feeding on a human baby; some riding cabs to work; loads of them dead in a meat truck. They were everywhere. He gets home as fast as he can to his girlfriend, telling her what he saw. To which she tells him that it’s all in his mind. That ever since he started taking those pills, he’s been loosing his mind. Getting angry with her, he tells her to take a pill and see what he is saying. Telling her that two people can not hallucinate the same things. As she refuses to take the pills, he gets violent, making her leave the house.

Corporate Monster Ending

At The Doctor’s Clinic

Left all alone, he decided to report to Dr. Banks about the pills. But as he reaches the office, he finds another monster in the clinic operating on a patient. Running away from there to out on the road, he finds more of them busy with the corporate work. Looking around, he finds himself on the wanted list on the billboard. As he starts walking, a police car pulls up to him, a monster pointing his gun at him. Fearing the monsters are out to get him, he runs away and ends up killing one of the ‘monster’ behind him. Taking up the monster’s gun, he decides to take the matter in his own hand. Taking the gun, he goes back to his former office, so he can save his girlfriend.

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Still angry about what happened the last night at home, she is ignoring him. So he decided to go up to the office with the gun. Stepping into the office, he spots a few monsters up there too. As one of them starts approaching him, he shoots him with the gun in his hand, not wasting a single minute. And at that moment, the office is filled with chaos, bullets, and blood. As he calls out for Ellen, shooting the monsters on his way. Finally reaching up to his boss’ office, who’s on the phone calling the rescue team. Threatening to shoot him, he makes Ellen eat a pill so she can see what he’s been seeing. Afraid of another dead person, she takes a pill.

But as it happens, he hears the police approaching the office. To save himself, he runs up to the roof but sees the helicopters approaching him there too. Finding no other option, he decides to shoot himself.

Robert in Corporate Monster Ending

Robert is on the roof in the end.

Corporate Monster Ending: Explained

As the ending nears him with the corporate monsters cornering him, Robert doesn’t want to give himself up to them. So he decides to shoot himself with the gun in his hands. But as soon as he does that, he realizes that the gun has run out of the bullets. And we see the rescue officers approaching him. As the scene shifts back to the office, we hear a gunshot, signaling that the officers killed Robert to save the office and other civilians. But as we see his boss reporting to the police about the situation, we see through Ellen’s point of view. And as the pills kick in, she starts seeing what her boyfriend was telling her, the monsters in suits out there to get us. Before taking the pills, Ellen told Robert that his doctor was arrested for malpractice. As he prescribing illegal medicine to his patients, causing them to go mental. But he doesn’t believe her.

The Pills Or Just The Bad Mental Health?

The ending of the Corporate Monsters left some viewers confused. For the way Robert acted, it’s either the pills or them having a side effect on the bad state of mind. We can say that the pills were behind everything as they showed the true reflection of a “corporation”. Robert or any other person who took the pills only saw the monsters in people who were in a big position in a big firm. Let it be the monster from the police car (as he works for the government), or the reps behind Trump on the news, or Robert’s boss from the office. He even saw his doctor as a monster since he was exploiting people for their problems, even though his research was to show the true thing. As the rescue officer who took Robert down, he was also a monster from the big corporation; I.e. the government.

While it can also be blamed on the excessive stress that Robert or any other person who went to the doctor was going through. But saying that the monsters weren’t behind that bad mental health would be a lie. The ending of Corporate Monsters is an open-end for people to discuss more.

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