Coroner Season 4 Episode 5: What Will Go Down?

Coroner Season 4 Episode 5
Coroner Season 4 Episode 5

Canadian crime procedural drama series Coroner Season 4 Episode 5 will make Dr. Jenny Cooper face bigger challenges. Firstly, if you’re not familiar with this series, it stars Serinda Swan in the female lead role. In it, Swan plays a widowed coroner. In every chapter, she must bring together pieces of evidence of deaths and bring the bad guys to justice. All while sharing some aspects of her personal life as the plot goes along.

This show was developed by Morwyn Brebner, who wrote episodes for “Moose TV”, and “The Eleventh Hour”. He adapted the stories told by M.R. Hall from the Jenny Cooper novels into Canadian television. Now on its fourth season, the show is well embarked on its way. While the show airs exclusively first for the Canadian telly, it will eventually become distributed worldwide. Now, without any further ado, let’s begin covering this topic.

Coroner Season 4 Episode 5
Serinda Swan as Dr. Jenny Cooper

Coroner Season 4 Episode 4 Recap

The fourth episode of Coroner is titled “Heartbeet” and it was directed by Samir Rehem. Also, the script was penned by Laura Good. It premiered on the CBC on January 27, 2022. Let’s begin, things kick off with the examination of a ten-month-old infant, Serena asks a few questions about what happened to the baby before his death. Turns out the baby had his own social media account, and that raised suspicions.

When they ask the doctor, they found out that the baby had every normal symptom and child ailment that there could be. But the mother tended to be a little anxious, so she was treated for anxiety. She seemed to be having symptoms of Munchausen’s Syndrome by proxy. A condition where the parent hurts the child to get attention. Later on, Jenny discusses the case with her co-workers. And then she goes to the mother to talk about how she always got the support she wanted online. When confronted, the mother reacts angrily. That’s textbook Munchausen’s. And then they decide to separate her from her other kid.

Lead Intoxication

While exploring the case, Jenny finds out that the bone density in a victim means that they’d suffered from lead poisoning. But the team couldn’t find out from where did the poison come from. Because lead pipes and paints had been banned for decades. Then they find out that the pesticides in the jars of plant-based baby foods were accumulating heavy metals. Turns out that the company knew it all along, recalled the soil, and dumped it to cover its tracks. The episode ends with Jenny sharing some moments of personal aspects of her life

Coroner Season 4 Trailer

Where to Watch Coroner?

Depending on your geographical location, you can watch one or all seasons of “Coroner”. If you reside in Canada, you’re lucky, because all you need is to tune in to CBC during its airtime or use any of its online accessibility methods to stream it. Now, if you live in the United States, the only place you can watch the debut season of “Coroner” is on the CW website or its app, or in CW Seed for streaming. Alternatively, you can watch it via Apple iTunes, or Amazon Direct Video if you purchase the episodes. On the next section, we are sharing with you details about the release of this upcoming episode of Coroner.

Coroner Season 4 Episode 5
This season of Coroner airs exclusively for the Canadian CBC

Coroner Season 4 Episode 5 Release Date

Coroner Season 4 Episode 5 will release on February 24, 2022, on CBC at 20:00 hrs CST. Firstly, this show only releases in Canada. Additionally, this episode’s title is “Degargoony”. Secondly, there are no pieces of news on the international release. So bear with us as they become public. Rest assured that as soon as something becomes public, we will post an update here for you. Thirdly, a total of twelve episodes will comprise this fourth season on Thursdays. With this, we conclude our coverage of the Coroner here at Otakukart. Thank you for reading our article and please keep coming back to our website for more daily updates on all your favorite series, shows, and movies.

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