Control Z Ending Explained: Is The Hacker Revealed?

control z ending explained
A still from Control Z

The series revolves around a mysterious hacker who reveals everyone’s secrets. The ending of Control Z is twisting and needs to be explained. Ana Valeria Becerril, Michael Ronda, Andrés Baida, Macarena Garcia Romero, and Yankel Stevan feature in this Mexican teen drama ‘Control Z’. Carlos Quintanilla designed it. The hacker goes around revealing the personal information of students in public. A group of young girls and guys become entangled in a web of secrets and lies. This series benefits from three crucial factors: good character development, performance, and suspense.

In Control Z, the ‘investigator’ Sophia (Ana Valeria Becerril), a smart female student, is strong enough to stand up for herself. She is a sharp observer with a great eye for detail. She is almost always found alone and is an introvert. Like every other character in the series, she has problems and secrets. What are these secrets? Does the hacker get caught? Does he stop or worsen the situation? All these questions are answered in the series! Let us now talk about Control Z and have its ending explained.

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Control Z’s Storyline

The story starts with Sofia walking down the halls and interacting with Gerry and his gang as they begin to bully Luis. Throughout the series, the bullying persists. Sofia is a defiant introvert, which is exacerbated by the fact that her father died a year ago. When Sofia is paired up on a project with a new kid Javie, her entire demeanor is put to the test.

control z ending explained
Sofia from Control Z.

During Isabella’s presentation, who is a student, a mysterious person takes over the video and reveals that she is transgender. This is the first of several victims whose secrets have been disclosed in the series by a hacker. Sofia begins an investigation on this hacker while Isabella and her boyfriend Pablo are being tormented by the students.

All About Sofia’s Investigation

Isabella receives a message from “@allyour secrets” asking if she wants to seek vengeance against those who have harmed her. Gerry, Natalia, Raul, and Pablo are the four names on the list. Isabella consents to the vengeance, and havoc ensues. More recordings emerge, implicating all four, as the school tries to figure out what’s going on.

Control Z
A still from Control Z

Sofia is soon targeted by the hacker, who threatens to divulge that her father is still alive and that she has been meeting him secretly without her mother’s knowledge. The hacker incites a large school brawl by blackmailing numerous students, leading to the hospitalization of one of them, Luis.

Sofia soon discovers that the school’s security is actually quite weak and that the WiFi network appears to be accessible to hacking. Whoever produced this appears to be a student or at least a member of the school. Sofia continues to text with the hacker, despite the fact that her phone has been taken at school, complicating matters. This leaves her with no choice except to investigate using her instincts.

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The Reason Why Javier Was Expelled From His Previous School

Sofia is soon abducted by the hacker, who professes to be intrigued by her from behind a disguise. She makes it home safely, but her classmate Raul informs her that her friend Javier is most likely her mysterious assailant, who is also to blame for the school’s mayhem.

Sofia not only discovers that the IT worker Bruno has been supporting the hacker in his schemes. She also discovers a sticker from Javier’s bag in the hacker’s hideout while she was kidnapped. Sofia then discovers a bracelet in Javier’s locker that she had misplaced during her kidnapping.

control z ending explained
A still from Control Z

Sofia discovers why Javier had to change schools in the first place. Javier used to be the captain of the soccer team at his prior school, which required him to haze prospective recruits. A student jumped from a high ledge with the intention of landing in a pool during one occurrence. Instead, they fell to their death on the ground. Sofia is confident that Javier is the hacker after these revelations.

Who Is The Hacker? Control Z Ending Explained!

After Raul and Sofia are convinced Javier is the hacker, they are able to persuade the principal of Javier’s wrongdoing, and he is expelled. However, it is later revealed that Raul is the hacker as Raul and Sofia become close, and Sofia discovers the hacker’s mask under Raul’s bed!

control z ending explained
A still from Control Z

When the night of the annual school dance arrives, many of the kids appear to have finally accepted the fact that their deepest secrets will be revealed. They are trying to come to terms with that fact. That same night, Sofia dupes Raul into admitting that he is the hacker at the party, which is broadcast to all of the students. After that, a vindicated Javier shows in and violently beats Raul up in a fit of rage. The bruised student hacker walks out of the party but plays a video containing all of the data he has accumulated over time. Another major conflict among the students erupts as secret after secret is loudly played at the party.

All Secrets Revealed!

Sofia’s truth regarding her father’s survival is exposed at the end of the season. Other scandalous relationships and the students’ private medical situations are revealed. Natalia, the previous “popular girl” of the school who has since turned to selling drugs after her scandalous stealing was made public.

Luis, who has been in a coma since his injuries, finally passes away in the season’s last moments. Gerry, the attacker of Luis’, brings a gun to the school dance and attempts to shoot Raul in a fit of anger. Javier is shot while attempting to stop Gerry. Students swarm around the young football player as he bleeds out on the pavement outside the dance party, and the season comes to an end.

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