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When Will Concrete Cowboy Stream on Netflix?

Concrete Cowboy Release Date & Preview- A Masterpiece Based On A Masterpiece!

Ricky Staub directed a movie named Concrete Cowboy; The movie is adapted from a novel named Ghetto Cowboy by G. Neri. The movie talks about a twelve-year boy. He has never met his father. However, his mother has piled Cole into her car in Detroit; And she doesn’t intend to let him out till Philadelphia, where she plans to leave him in his father’s care. Philadelphia’s Fairmount Park community is where his dad Harper lives, along with a run-down. Patched-together gathering of old cowboys, some kids who need rescuing, and a derelict collection of horses saved from the meat industry.

Between skipping the latest four weeks of school, holding the school cafeteria, staying out late wandering the streets with friends, Cole has started his mother too far. Why else would she encourage all night to transfer her only child to his estranged father’s doorstep? She troubles that it’s practically too late to save him.

Concrete Cowboy Release Date & Preview- A Masterpiece Based On A Masterpiece!

A Sequence From The Movie Concrete Cowboy.


Cole – the protagonist of Ghetto Cowboy, the freshest offering from middle-grade novelist G. Neri – thinks he doesn’t need maintenance. Particularly by a dad who’s a cowboy. However, his benefits are used up. Even though Harper can’t determine what to do with this boy he barely knows, he ultimately opens his heart to his son.

As Cole watches the more modern street kids muck the kennels, groom horses, and work laborious for something other than themselves, his gallantry opens – to a horse. He queries what it “would have been like if I developed up this way. Would I be like Harper, all into horses, operating in the shelters every day? Would it be any better? Or would I die like Smush, some monopolization boy with a mouth on him?”

An adventure to save the horses demonstrates to Cole what they mean to the neighborhood and him. The police round up the horses. The city almost punishes the property, and Cole starts the street kids to make a stand.


For the first time, he’s attended up to for doing the best thing. Cole realizes, “I got me a detachment.” He explains what the old-timers mean when they say, “It’s the cowboy way.”

Now Cole understands what these latter-day black cowboys are preparing to help both the community kids like his cousin Smush and the horses. As Harper demonstrates to his son: “They’re old racehorses that frequently get sold off for meat. We pool our funds to buy what we can at auction before the stockyard gets them. Then we bring them here so they can live out their days – the kids study to ride, and we get a few more horses to race with.”

Concrete Cowboy Netflix Release Date

Jese Joshua Watson’s practical pencil and graphite wash drawings dispersed throughout the novel combine with Neri’s gritty street language to make a compelling story. Neri’s characters learn and teach. So much more than how to take guardianship of horses. “Ghetto Cowboy” is about discovering something so important to you that you never give it up.

The great righteousness lesson here is not the only virtue of the story. The rhythm of the writing, the scents, and the neighborhood’s sounds, the developing relationship between a boy including his estranged father add up to an appealing story, especially for an under-written-for segment of young male students.

Neri, a novelist known for his books directed at reading-resistant middle-grade boys, is the winner of the Lee Bennett Hopkins Lee Bennett Promising Poet Award for “Chess Rumble” and the beneficiary of a Coretta Scott King award; for “Yummy.” Both prior novels also feature young male protagonists in gritty city settings. Neri says that it was the real-life city horsemen of North Philadelphia and the Brooklyn-Queens area who encouraged him to write this book. 

The movie is going to be a masterpiece as it is adapted from an inked masterpiece. Concrete Cowboy will be released on 2nd April 2021 on Netflix.


On review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes, the movie holds an endorsement rating of 76% based on 42 reviews, with a mediocre rating of 6.24/10. The website’s critic’s agreement reads: “Well-acted and solidly delivered, Concrete Cowboy lassos old-fashioned uplift with its tale of a father and son in a little-seen edge of American culture.” On Metacritic, it has a weighted mediocre score of 66 out of 100, based on 11 critics, symbolizing “generally favorable reviews.”