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Complete Version of Ultra Instinct Has Already Been Revealed

Goku obtaining this new technique was ground breaking in the Dragon Ball Community! This new technique has single handed sparked so much speculation, debate, and theorizing on its own!

The biggest question surrounding this new Ultra Instinct technique Goku was able to obtain in the newest episode is “is the technique complete?”. Looking back on first releases of the picture of Goku sporting this new technique may hold the clues to this question..

If we all remember looking back to a couple of weeks before the two part episode was released, a picture was released by Toei of Goku using this new “Ultra Instinct” technique and it looks a little different than what we were shown in the episode.. Could that mean something, or did the animators decide to change something?

Seeing how episodes are done weeks, sometimes months in advance I believe nothing was changed in the episode and it was shown the way the writers meant it. That being said, in the original picture released by Toei – Goku was sporting the “old school” Namekian Battle look with his shirt torn off but having a different look to his Ki..

There was blue AND red Ki in the picture that Toei released. That most likely means that this “Ultra Instinct” technique is not complete yet. Which means, that we could most likely see what this new technique is truly capable of later on in the Tournament of Power! Possibly in a rematch against Jiren or maybe even someone stronger..

What are your thoughts? Do you think this “Ultra Instinct” technique is complete? If not, who do you think Goku will fight that will be strong enough to make him use that technique again? Keep the conversation going by leaving your thoughts and opinions in the comments down below! As always, thanks for joining the conversation!


Zeno-Sama’s Appearance in DBS Might Actually Be More Problematic That You Think

The two Zeno-samas are adorable characters in the Dragon Ball Super. And beside from being adorable characters, they are also the King of Everything. They share that title now that there are two of them Iiving in the mainstream timeline, courtesy of Goku.

Before them, the most powerful characters are threats to Earth’s (and other planet’s) safety. If you count the events of Dragon Ball GT, you can say that the Z Warriors’ fights are only limited to enemies appearing in Universe 7. However, things have changed with the introduction of Gods of Destruction. Things escalated quickly right after the moment when Beerus decided to spare Earth because of its delicious food.

The thing about Dragon Ball’s charm lies on Goku’s ability to surpass his enemies. Whenever he gets new transformation, he automatically become a fan’s favorite at the moment of his transformation. Even if you’re a Vegeta fan, or a Gohan fan, you also get satisfaction when Goku reaches new heights and gain more power.

hit vs jiren

This routine, which has been going on for almost 30 years, was actually broken when Toei and Akira Toriyama decided to introduce Zeno-sama in the Dragon Ball Super. How could this cute symmetrical five year-old-esque God be the disaster that long time Dragon Ball series fans wanted to avoid?

It is very simple, Zeno is where Goku’s limit lies. He is the King of everything, the most powerful being in the whole existence of existence. He is the existence existence. He is the ultimate God.

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Written by Jaskaran Oberoi

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  1. Dude, it’s not complete. You saw what jirn said right? Goku was emitting heat around him. He could not hold all the energy into himself. That’s why he was much weaker than jiren. When he able to control the heat flow around him. He will definitely be much stronger than now.

    • Did you read the Article? IF you did, you would of seen that I said that the “Ultra Instinct” that Goku used in Episode 110 was NOT complete… Go back, read it again and come back. I LOVE talking all things DB but not ignorance like this..

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