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Complete Guide to Watching Detective Conan

Detective Conan feature image
Detective Conan feature image

Detective Conan was and remains one of the best mystery anime series to ever come out. The manga by Gosho Aoyama has been collected into 100 volumes which also speaks volumes about the popularity of the series. Due to certain legal problems with the name of the series, the English translation versions released by Viz Media and Funimation were named, “Case Closed”. Yomiuri Telecasting Corporation and TMS Entertainment picked up the manga for an anime adaptation, which premiered in January 1996. From this anime series, we got many more animated feature films, OVAs, video games, audio disc releases and live-action episodes.

The series is about a high school detective, Shinichi Kudo, whose body gets transformed into a child’s after he’s force-fed an experimental drug by a crime syndicate. He still has his detective skills so now he takes the name Conan Edogawa to live his new life. I am someone who grew up watching Detective Conan as a child so for me, the nostalgia only gets stronger with time. But for new watchers, we have come up with the complete chronological order to watch everything Conan related. So do not get intimidated by the enormous number of episodes. Because once you start watching this series you won’t be able to stop yourself from loving it.

Shinichi and Kaito Kid

Shinichi and Kaito Kid

 More on the Plot:

Shinichi Kudo is a 17-year-old student at Teitan High school who became famous for helping the Tokyo police in solving cases. However, during an investigation, he gets ambushed by the Black Organization. They force-feed him a dangerous experimental drug to murder him. But instead of killing him, it turns him into a child. After that, he takes up the name Conan Edogawa inspired by legendary mystery novel writers. From then on, Shinichi or Conan lives with his childhood friend Ran Mori(Rachel Moore) and her father Kogoro Mori(Richard) who is a private detective.

Throughout the series, Conan tags along with Kogoro on his cases. After solving the case, he uses Dr. Agasa’s hidden tranquilizer darts to sedate Kogoro. Conan will then use a voice changer to simulate Kogoro’s voice and reveal the solution for the cases. He enrolls in a local elementary school as well, where he makes friends with a group of classmates. Together they form their own Junior Detective Club called Detective Boys.

How Many Episodes and Movies are There?

The anime has over 1000 episodes and counting as the show is still ongoing. It is the fifteenth longest-running anime airing in Japan. There are 31 seasons and still more coming. As for movies, 24 feature films on Detective Conan have been released till now. The first seven of the films were directed by Kenji Kodama. Yasuichiro Yamamoto directed the next seven (8-14) and Kobun Shizuno directed the next seven films(15-21). Yuzuru Tachikawa directed the 22nd film. From film 23 and onwards were directed by Chika Nagaoka.

About OVAs, two series were produced by TMS Entertainment, Nippon Television and Yomiuri Telecasting Corporation. The first nine episodes of the OVA series were encapsulated into 4 DVD volumes titled, “Secret Files”. The second OVA series, titled, “Magic Files” was released through yearly DVDs. The subsequent Magic Files OVAs after the first four episodes were about an original plotline related to their respected Detective Conan movies, beginning with the 12th film, “Detective Conan: Full Score of Fear”.

There was a two-hour Tv special titled, “Lupin III Vs. Detective Conan” and it aired on 27 March 2009.

Conan Important Characters

Detective Conan Characters

Main supporting characters and Antagonists:

Ran Mouri is the main female protagonist of the series. She is the childhood friend turned girlfriend to Shinichi Kudo and the daughter of Kogoro Mori. She became friends with Shinichi after he wore a paper badge along with her so that she wouldn’t be the only one without a proper badge. Despite only being a teenager, she has a black belt in Karate as well as the captain of her high school team.

Kogoro Mouri is a private detective but unfortunately a lazy one. He was the ace of the judo team while he was a student in Teitan high school. Shinichi lives in the Mouri household. He also uses Kogoro to tell everyone else how he solved each of the cases as no one would believe an elementary school kid.

Renya Karasuma is the boss of the Black Organisation and the main antagonist of the series. He is an aristocrat who lives in a golden castle called Sunset manor and was presumed to have died fifty years ago. He is an obese old man with a beak-like nose. Karasuma’s character design was inspired by the structure of a crow.

Gin is the central antagonist of the Detective Conan anime series. He is a high-ranking member of the Black Organization and the primary person responsible for turning Shinichi into a child in the first place. Gin and his partner, Vodka, went to Tropical Land to finish a gun-smuggling deal with a company owner. However, on their way back they are caught by Shinichi. Gin feeds him the medicine, APTX 4869, thinking it would kill him. This just shows how ruthless he is that he was so willing to kill a teenage boy with no apprehensions. But as we know, the medicine only turned Shinichi into a child.

The Black Organisation is the main antagonist of this series. They are a secret criminal syndicate with a hidden objective no one knows about. To achieve their targets, they commit various crimes including murder. They do this in order to maintain their secrecy, remove obstacles, and gather funding for their mysterious research projects. The members of the organization all receive code names based on different alcoholic beverages. The head is Renya Karasuma and the members just below him are Gin and Vodka. They are the arch-nemesis of Conan.

The chronological order to watch everything:

Note: The episode’s numbering follows the original Japanese episode number.

  • Season 1 (episode 1 – 28)
  • Season 2 (episode 29 – 54)
  • The Time Bombed Skyscraper (movie)
  • Season 3 (episode 55 – 82)
  • Season 4 (episode 83 – 106)
  • The Fourteenth Target (movie)
  • Season 5 (episode 107 – 134)
  • Season 6 (episode 135 – 162)
  • The Last Wizard Of The Century (movie)
  • Season 7 (episode 163 – 173)
  • Conan vs. Kid vs. Yaiba: The Grand Battle for the Treasure Sword (OVA)
  • Season 7 (episode 174 – 186)
  • Captured in Her Eyes (movie)
  • Season 7 (episode 187 – 193)
  • Season 8 (episode 194 – 219)
  • Countdown to Heaven (movie)
  • Season 9 (episode 235 – 254)
  • Season 10 (episode 255 – 262)
  • 16 Suspects? (OVA)
  • Season 10 (episode 263 – 275)
  • The Phantom Of Baker Street (movie)
  • Season 10 (episode 276 – 285)
  • Season 11 (episode 286 – 303)
  • Conan and Heiji and the Vanished Boy (OVA)
  • Season 11 (episode 304 – 315)
  • Conan and Kid and the Crystal Mother (OVA)
  • Season 12 (episode 346 – 353)
  • Season 13 (episode 354 – 356)
  • Magician of the Silver Sky (movie)
  • Season 13 (episode 357 – 383)
  • The Target is Kogorō Mōri!! The Detective Boys’ Secret Investigation (OVA)
  • Season 13 (episode 384 – 389)
  • Season 14 (episode 390 – 396)
  • Strategy Above the Depths (movie)
  • Season 14 (episode 397 – 424)
  • Pursuit of the Vanished Diamond! Conan, Heiji vs Kid (OVA)
  • Season 14 (episode 425 – 426)
  • Season 15 (episode 427 – 434)
  • The Private Eyes’ Requiem (movie)
  • Season 15 (episode 435 – 459)
  • A Written Challenge from Agasa! Agasa vs. Conan & the Detective Boys (OVA)
  • Season 15 (episode 460 – 465)
  • Season 16 (episode 466 – 470)
  • Jolly Roger in the Deep Azure (movie)
  • Season 16 (episode 471 – 490)
  • High School Girl Detective Sonoko Suzuki’s Case Files (OVA)
  • Season 17 (episode 491 – 504)
  • Full Score of Fear (movie)
  • Season 17 (episode 505 – 520)
  • Stranger in 10 Years (OVA)
  • Season 17 (episode 521 – 523)
  • Season 18 (episode 524 – 527)
  • The Raven Chaser (movie)
  • Season 18 (episode 528 – 557)
  • Kid in Trap Island (OVA)
  • Season 18 (558 – 565)
  • Season 19 (episode 566 – 570)
  • The Lost Ship in the Sky (movie)
  • Season 19 (episode 571 – 605)
  • Season 20 (episode 606 – 610)
  • Quarter of Silence (movie)
  • Season 20 (episode 611 – 616)
  • The Secret Order from London (OVA)
  • Season 20 (episode 617 – 641)
  • The Miracle of Excalibur (OVA)
  • Season 20 (episode 642 – 645)
  • Season 21 (episode 646 – 651)
  • The Eleventh Striker (movie)
  • Season 21 (episode 652 – 680)
  • Season 22 (episode 681 – 694)
  • Private Eye in the Distant Sea (movie)
  • Season 22 (episode 695 – 718)
  • Season 23 (episode 719 – 738)
  • Dimensional Sniper (movie)
  • Season 23 (episode 739)
  • Season 24 (episode 740 – 774)
  • Sunflowers of Inferno (movie)
  • Season 24 (episode 775 – 778)
  • Season 25 (episode 779 – 813)
  • The Darkest Nightmare (movie)
  • Season 25 (episode 814 – 817)
  • Season 26 (episode 818 – 856)
  • Season 27 (episode 857 – 874)
  • Crimson Love Letter (movie)
  • Season 27 (episode 875 – 897)
  • Season 28 (episode 898)
  • Zero the Enforcer (movie)
  • Season 28 (episode 899 – 939)
  • Season 29 (episode 940 – 948)
  • The Fist of Blue Sapphire (movie)
  • Season 29 (episode 949 – 959)
  • Season 30 (episode 960 – 999)
  • The Scarlet Bullet (movie)
  • Season 31 (episode 1000 – 1037) (ongoing)
  • The Bride of Halloween (upcoming movie)

Where to Watch Detective Conan?

You can watch Detective Conan on websites like Netflix, Amazon Prime, or Crunchyroll.

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