Comedian Sorcerer Takaba Fumihiko Teams Up With Megumi in Jujutsu Kaisen Manga

Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 168 cover

By the end of Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 168, Megumi was having second thoughts if picking up a fight with Reggie’s team was a good idea. He was already pretty roughed up after getting caught up in the gasoline explosions, and he still had two more sorcerers to deal with. He even considered resorting to his Chimera of the Shadow Garden domain expansion, but it’s still an incomplete technique with high chances of failure. Just when things were getting worse, comedian sorcerer Takaba Fumihiko showed up and lent Megumi a helping hand.

We have seen Takaba Fumihiko in the previous chapters, where we learned about his failed career as a comedian. However, the author still kept us in the dark about Takaba’s skill as a sorcerer. The fact that he hasn’t scored any points yet makes it harder to gauge his abilities. Either he is a complete fool, or he follows a no-kill policy like Itadori.

Megumi vs. Reggie’s Gang

Megumi saw an eye falling from the sky and found himself caught up in a huge explosion the very next moment. He somehow escaped into a room just in time but got himself roughed up in the way. Before he could recover a bit, Hari Chizuru broke into his room and brought the fight to the Zenin clan leader.


Despite having 28 points, challenging Megumi turned out to be Hari’s grave mistake. Megumi was already furious at Remi for deceiving him with cheap tricks, and Hari’s arrogance added fuel to the fire of outrage burning within him. Totally rejecting Itadori’s no-kill policy, Megumi threw Hari from the building and killed him mercilessly with his cursed tool. Megumi had no time to celebrate or mourn since Reggie and his companions were still after him. That’s when Takaba Fumihiko appeared, totally disgusted by the idea of a 2 vs. 1 fight.

Who is Takaba Fumihiko?

Takaba Fumihiko is a failed comedian whose jokes are no longer considered as funny by the audience. He spends his weekends performing in a comedy club only to get slow claps and consoling words from the crowd. His manager often rants at him for his poor performance and asks him to quit comedy. Some fans are of the opinion that Fumihiko has inherited Nanami’s technique since he mentioned the 70:30 ratio in a conversation.

Takaba Fumihiko relation with Kento Nanami

Despite all his failures, Fumihiko loves his job as a comedian and gets disappointed by the harsh words of his manager. The sorcerer side of him is yet to be explored and expected to be a lot different from underconfident and self-doubting comedian Takaba Fumihiko. Unlike his former attire as a comedian, he is oddly dressed while working as a sorcerer. He looks nothing less than a cartoon character from the early 90s.

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How Strong is Takaba Fumihiko? Can He Beat Reggie?

Despite his non-chalant appearance, Takaba Fumihiko is strong. He shielded Megumi from an explosion like it was no big deal. Although there were visible injuries on his face, he held his ground pretty well. This more or less confirms that Fumihiko isn’t as weak as he looks. From the way he took that blast on his face with a smiling face, it would be safe to say that his endurance level is almost on par with Itadori.

Megumi Fushiguru

We haven’t seen the true extent of Reggie’s powers either, so there’s no way of telling if Fumihiko can beat him. Moreover, I think Fumiko will go after the explosion guy while Megumi fights Reggie. From the unshakable confidence on his face, it’s pretty clear that he knows what he is doing. He knew that Reggie had scored 41 points and yet dared to call him a coward right on his face. Now that they are even, Megumi won’t be relying on his Domain Expansion and will try to end this fight with his shikigamis instead.

Takaba Fumihiko’s True Intentions

Takaba Fumihiko’s true intention behind taking part in the gruesome Culling games is still very unclear. I am guessing that he took up jujutsu sorcery because he got bored of his monotonous life as a comedian. Even if that’s true, one can’t become a sorcerer just because they want to. Fumihiko must be born special or have some family background that makes him eligible for the Culling games. Otherwise, there’s a slim possibility that he must have consumed a forbidden cursed object, thereby becoming a participant automatically.

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