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Coldplay Music Of The Spheres: Release Date & All About The New Album

Coldplay Music Of The Spheres Release Date: All About The New Album
Coldplay Music Of The Spheres Release Date: All About The New Album

We often come across posts on social media about 90s kids, and for some of us who were born just a few years shy of it have always wondered why that era was so great? Era from the 60s to 90s was famous and rich for many reasons such as simpler times, less technological advancement, quiet peaceful life, and lastly, legendary music. The birth of rock and roll was something that the world needed after witnessing two of the greatest wars. One such band which contributed to this cause is Coldplay. In this article, we will be talking about Coldplay Music of the Spheres’ release date. Along with that, we would also be looking into the band itself and the history of rock music.

Rock music first originated in the United States during the late 1940s and early 50s. The origin of which can be traced back to many African-American musicians who introduced the tunes of electric guitar and other eccentric instruments to their R&B and Country music. However, the spot for first-ever rock song is widely debated. No one can say for sure as to which was the first-ever rock and roll album.

Social messages were even spread through this genre using some really good lyrics. Pink Floyd‘s Another Brick In The Wall Part 2 is a great example of that. The song was a protest against rigid and abusive schooling. And it sure did speak to the masses. There are many such great songs by the greatest band in the world like Queen, KISS, Eagles, Led Zeppelin, Beatles, etc. I could literally talk about them for hours, but that’s not what you are here for. So without any further delay, presenting Coldplay Music of the Spheres release date.

History of Coldplay And Some Of Their Achievements

Coldplay is a British band which was formed in 1996, London. Chris Martin and Jhonny Buckland shared the same dream of having their own band in the college. They had first met in University College London in September 1996. They spent their next university year planning for the band. Ultimately, they formed a band by the name Pectoralz. A classmate of theirs, Guy Berryman, later joined the band too. The band then renamed itself Starfish and used to perform gigs at small clubs. Phil Harvey was a long-time friend of Martin, and he later recruited him as the band manager. The last to join the band was Will Champion. On a suggestion they received from Tim Crompton, a local student, they finally settled on the name we all know and love, Coldplay.

Coldplay Music Of The Spheres Release Date: All About The New Album

Coldplay receiving a Grammy

Coldplay is one of those rare rock bands that have given us a line of hit songs. Each and every album of there’s had at least one song that topped the Billboard Chart. Many artists like Rihanna, Chainsmokers, and very recently, popular K-pop band BTS have all worked in collaboration with this band to produce chart-topping hits. One of the songs, ‘Something Just Like This’ by Coldplay and Chainsmokers, hit the top 10 on charts all around the world and also won a Grammy. Their latest collaboration with BTS might have been the most successful of them all. With BTS constantly rising upwards in the music community, Coldplay could not let this chance slip and produced the super hit song ‘My Universe,’ which also happens to be one of the singles from the upcoming album ‘Music of the Spheres’.

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Coldplay Music Of The Spheres Release Date

The album ‘Music of the Spheres’ will be releasing on October 15. Yes, it is only a few days away from us, but we can’t wait, just like Kanye West’s Donda. Now that was an album that was much anticipated, and when it dropped, records were broken. And to be honest, I feel the same energy from this album too. Looking at their history, Coldplay has never disappointed us. There are going to be 12 songs in the album with two additional Japanese edition bonus tracks. We already got the gist of the album from its first two single releases, ‘My Universe‘ and ‘Higher Power’.

Coldplay Music Of The Spheres Release Date: All About The New Album

Coldplay and BTS shoot for latest hit ‘My Universe’

We have known Coldplay to be the kind of band that tends to tease their audience with their future releases. After the release of ‘Everyday Life’ in November 2019, there was a hint hidden in the bifold of the booklet with vinyl and digibook of the album. It displayed a billboard in the middle of the field with writing ‘Music of the Spheres’ and in the bottom, ‘Coldplay coming soon’. This was the first teaser for the upcoming Coldplay album. Later an account titled Alien Radio FM released a post with coordinates that led to Green Park in London. It included an advertisement with strange bright neon purple characters. These were later decoded by fans that said ‘Coldplay Higher Power May Seven’.

Final Take And Thoughts On The Music Of The Spheres Album

With the album launching in just a few days, each and every one of us is excited to hear the complete album for the first time. Coldplay has already set the bar of the album by releasing the single ‘My Universe‘ with BTS. The song is well received by the audience and fans alike. I for one have really great expectations for Coldplay’s new album. As someone who enjoys rock music, Coldplay has given us some great hits which I personally like too. And their music and lyrics are something I truly enjoy. I only hope that this album does well and does not end up in controversies like Donda. If you made it this far, thank you and until then, keep reading, keep on jamming with us at Otakukart.

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