Cold Justice Season 6 Episode 11 Sees Team Solving Murders Involving Someone With Military Training

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Spoilers and Release Date For Cold Justice Season 6 Episode 11
Intro Of Cold Justice Season 6

Cold Justice Season 6 Episode 11 sees Kelly’s team taking a look at the murders of a grandfather and her elderly mother which seemingly comes at the hands of someone with military training. Before we move to the same, the team went to a town with hardly a crime rate. Therefore, an event from 1993 stays fresh in the people’s minds that saw the death of a pregnant mother and her two-year-old child. Analyzing the crime scene tells it’s more than just fire as gasoline was used. So, someone intentionally wanted it all to go down.

Kelly and Steve saw this case as fairly difficult to see. They did cross down the suspects that included the woman’s murder. The people in the town came to claim that his behavior was quite different after the incident. Then, there was a suspect who was already arrested and convicted for setting fires in the past. Kelly and Steve analyzing the whole thing told them that they might be looking at the wrong suspects after all. Here is what went down.

Cold Justice Season 6 Episode 10 Recap

Previously on Cold Justice Season 6, Kate and Steve were in Noblesville, Indiana. They are here to investigate the arson and murder of 22-year-old Hope Brewster, her 2-year-old son Jacob and her unborn child. The family died in an apartment fire back in 1993. To this day, the fire remains in the memory of this small town where criminal cases are quite rare. While most of the residents escaped, Hope’s husband was just the other person from the family who escaped. Greg’s behavior the next day came into question and many believe he was behind all of this.

Events From Previous Episode That May Affect Cold Justice Season 6 Episode 11
From Cold Justice Season 6 Episode 10

Taking a look at the crime scene told the team of a red plastic that comes to piece that there was a gas can. Lab analysis says Gasoline was used and therefore it was arson. Coming to suspects, first was Greg Brewster, Hope’s husband. He confessed that he jumped out of the window assuring his family to do the same. He was going to catch them on the other side. The moment he stepped out, he couldn’t hear from his family.

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The second suspect was R. D. Dick. He himself has a history of setting fires. Eight years prior to this event, R.D. Dick had already set off a fire at the same building. This led to his arrest and conviction. If not Hope and her family, the killer could be targeting anyone. So there was another unknown suspect too. Officials from Fire Department told about similar arsons taking place around the same time frame.

Ending For Cold Justice Season 6 Episode 10
From Cold Justice Season 6 Episode 10

Talking to everyone associated with the event that took place years ago didn’t tell the team anything different Greg. A motive for him to kill. There was still something missing. So they recreated the crime scene with the help of Arson Expert Stu Morrison. The analysis only suggested that Greg isn’t responsible for the fire. He was a victim too and was facing people’s wrath for years.

Coming to R.D. Dick, the team went to talk to him in person and he knew the crimes he did. But he had nothing to do with the fire that went on to kill Hope and her family. Although Kelly’s team couldn’t find the unknown suspect, they managed to prove that the suspects Greg and R.D. Dick are innocent.

Cold Justice Season 6 Episode 11 Release Date

Cold Justice Season 6 Episode 11 is releasing on 18 December 2021. It is titled, “Father’s Day Massacre”. The official synopsis of the episode suggests Kelly and Steve will be looking at a recent cold case. This involves the shooting of a loving grandfather and his elderly mother at their own home. Analyzing the crime scene and everything suggests that killer may have come from a military background.

Cold Justice Season 6 Episode 11 Release Time & Streaming Details

Cold Justice Season 6 Episode 11 is airing on Oxygen at 8:00 PM ET in the United States only. You can also watch Cold Justice Season 6 Episode 11 on Oxygen’s official website. Internationally, video-on-demand services of Apple TV, MSN, and YouTube TV are the only ones offering Cold Justice Season 6 Episode 11 to buy and rent. Expect two more episodes to follow in for Cold Justice Season 6 following the eleventh every Saturday.

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